Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few days off

Steve has had the last 2 days off work. We planned on having the kids skip school one of the days(they have perfect attendance with 0 tardies right now) so as a family we could drive a bit north to the base of the Smoky mountains to take in some beautiful fall sites...but my school lovin' kids refused. So, Monday Steve just took me to north Atlanta to my favorite paper crafts store and then we had lunch together. Today we hung out at home this morning and then went to the gym together...nice and relaxing.
It is so beautiful here right now! Now we have lived in Washington State and in Germany but neither compare to Georgia. Now Germany was pretty in the fall but the colors only lasted 2 weeks and then the leaves were gone before Halloween. Here it's more than a month of colors and all the leaves don't all fall until the end of November. Here are a few pictures I took yesterday.

I just finished this cute little stitchery...found the idea in a magazine. I have never filled in letters like this before.


Fran said...

I would have to agree about Georgia! I was born and raised there. Plus alot of people I love still live there.

I stumbled upon your blog recently and have enjoyed it!


Carrie said...

Great pictures!

Shannon said...

What a fun day! Love the pictures!

The last picture of your project looks great!

Our Complete Family said...

Hi Jeni!
So glad you and Steve had some enjoyable couple time together hun!
The stitchery turned out so cute, too!
Enjoy the rest of your week~
Love ya, Les

Nicole said...

Wow, it really is beautiful there. It sounds like you still had a good day spending some time with your husband.

Teresa Harmon said...

I love your blog! It is awesome. I can keep up with you guys this way, lol. Tell Ben and Madi I am soooooo proud of them......the grades and the enthusiasm they share about school.

See you this weekend, I hope