Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Me, run in a half marathon?

The last day or two I have been concentrating on my goals for 2009...my health and exercising are at the top of list. Today has been such a good one. My friend Susy called me today and we talked FOREVER! I met Susy while living in Wiesbaden, Germany. Our boys were both in Kindergarten and our girls were in pre-school...perfect match! Susy stands above the crowd due to her drive to run marathon after marathon. I am so attracted to that strong will and then her loving motherly ways. Well today she told me of her plans to run a marathon in April, in Nashville, and that we should meet them there and I can try the half marathon....if I start now I should physically be able to do that, right now I only run 1.5 - 2.0 miles most days. Thanks Susy for thinking so highly of me and motivating me...I went on a nice run when I got off the phone. Wish I looked like a runner though...I need to lose half a butt...I swear I am Paula Deen's long lost daughter the way I cook!

I couldn't find a picture of Susy and I but here is something much better...our beautiful girls...Madi and Anna. When they were 3 they started taking ballet together. There is nothing sweeter in life than watching little girls at ballet practice!!! Susy and I would sit together and just giggle at these beauties.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas gifts....

It's no secret I love making all kinds of crafts...I like to make things for others for gifts too. Steve's mom (and mine) usually likes the things I make...she has lots of my stitcheries all over her house. This year I wanted to make something totally different. While making holiday flash cards this fall I came up the idea of a grandkid garland. Next year I will make my mom one but wanted to wait since my youngest brother Matthew is having his first child this spring...then I can add that name to her list.
And look what Teresa gave to me! I LOVE this old quilt she had...she knew I LOVED it too. My mother-in-law rocks and I am not just saying that because she gave me this. Thank you for everything you do for us Teresa!

Usually once a year, maybe twice, I will wear my hair down. The other day I felt like being wild and strutted around town with not a Dorothy Hamil cut or Farrah Fawcett doo but The Sarah Palin. :-) And also wearing that $3 necklace I got last week.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in Hotlanta

Okay back in November we were freezing and it doesn't usually get cold here until after Christmas. And now for the last week we have been in the 70's. 60's in the morning when I drop my kids off at school even. We have had to turn our AC on....in December. But they say cold is on it's way.

I am all ready for Christmas. So today I went for a run outside, stop by my local quilt store and made myself a new "H" pillow....well I am out of stuffing so it will be a pillow.

Our car is loaded with presents and tomorrow we are off to Savannah for a couple of days to celebrate Christmas with all of Steve's family. Ben and Madi are so excited to play with all their cousins and of course to open all the presents they get showered with from Steve's mom. I am excited too. Savannah is a 3 1/2 hour drive but this is the first assignment ever we have had that is close enough to family to do this stuff...it's wonderful.

Don't let that sweet little girl fool you...you see her fingers set and tongue out...she was out for 1st place in a game of musical chairs and didn't let anyone stand in her way.

There were some fun squeals when Madi handed out her Reindeer Poop treats at the party.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting ready for tomorrow

Just look at this gotty thing.

Tonight I went out shopping...I told Steve I wanted something new to wear to the kids Christmas parties at school tomorrow.
This thing was $24, then down to $12 and I got it for 75% off that....$3. It's so fake and so fun .

Here is a stitchery I made to put in a gift bag to give to Madi's teacher tomorrow. I like the alphabet fabric.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

December fun

What do you think goes on at a Christmas gathering of a bunch of scrapbookers....everyone takes pictures of everyone!!! We had so much fun! I laugh SO hard it hurts when I am around this group of crazy ladies!!! Everyone was there but my friend Sheri who is the one that got me started in this group. We meet once a week and stay up late doing some of the things we love most...paper crafts.

My little kitchen tree...

The tree has some fun kitchen utensil ornies and some cookie cutters hanging by ric-rac. I topped it with an old grater. Underneath is some yummy candy...so if I want a cherry cordial Hershey kiss I at least have to do a squat to get one :-)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Reindeer Poop

On Friday night we got busy making Reindeer Poop. I was feeling really sick, so we skipped the kids gymnastics classes. Since we were at home doing nothing, I at least wanted to work on something that was on my to do list. Well this is what Madi wanted to hand out to her classmates for a Christmas treat. The kids had a ball and they were quite the helpers by filling up all the little baggies with poop(whoppers candy).
Reindeer Poop
Christmas is coming,
Along with Santa and his deer.
Listen closely on Christmas Eve,
And maybe you will hear.
While Santa leaves gifts,
Tied with ribbons and bows,
the reindeer leave these droppings,
In neat little rows!
Directions: I just printed this. Hanging from the poem are all the reindeer names :-)

We made a whole bunch so I can share them at different things I have going on around town too. I just think they are funny.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I would like to share my memory of how I got this recipe for Eggnog Pie. While living in the close quarters at Wiesbaden Army Airfield, Germany in 2005 one of my many many neighbors shared this. I had only considered her a neighbor and not really a friend. Really late one night, right before Christmas, someone knocked on our door and it was Shelly...standing there holding a whole pie. I thought she was going to ask me where someone else lived. Instead she held out the pie and said she thought I would enjoy this. I was stunned and stuttered Thank You. She knew I liked crafts and usually shared some of my own baked goodies with all the moms that hung out in the front yard we shared. So even though I have never kept in touch with Shelly I do think of her every year at this time.

Eggnog Pie

9" graham cracker crust
vanilla instant pudding
instead of milk use eggnog

Follow the directions on the box of pudding.

More eggnog...I printed the word and framed it.

Tonight Steve is downtown watching the High School Football State Championships ....he met up with the other guys from metro-Atlanta who also tape games for scout.com. I am sick, my head, eyes and nose ....Madi! But still busy working on some crafts...the kids are helping....we are swimming in poop, yea poop, I will show you when we are done.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remembering what happened on December 7th

My Aunt Bonnie is so awesome! Every year on December 7th she sends out an email to the WHOLE family that includes treasured family photos of my Grandpa who served in Pearl Harbor and was there on that Day of Infamy. I knew something was up when she didn't send out an email this year....it came today since she was out of town. Here is the email and pictures she sent today.

Mom, Linda, Brenda, Bruce, Ron, and Pam,

Although I was out of town on Pearl Harbor Day this year, I remembered and thought of Dad, who was aboard the U.S.S. West Virginia on Battleship Row when the Japanese attached Dec 7, 1941, bringing the US into WW2.My cousin, Wayne McCain, just sent this June 19, 1940 letter written to family, when Dad was first serving in then Territory of Hawaii at Pearl Harbor.

Wayne says that his mother, Helen McCain (Dad's sister, my Aunt) came across the letter recently. Please note two photos that I have pulled from my photo library that are both referenced in this interesting letter! You will see Dad's office, and also his trip to the beach, as described in detail in this awesome 6-19-40 letter from Dad, to family in Marysville. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I have, and I thank Aunt Helen and cousin Wayne for passing along this letter-a piece of family history chronicled.

Share this with Dad's friends and family, especially the grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! On the 67th anniversary this month, we are all remembering Pearl Harbor and remembering our loving memory of Willard L. Erwin, "Dad", "Gramps"!Love, Bonnie

I just love these pics...do you see Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach...it sure doesn't look like that now! It's now lined with huge hotels. I have been to Hawaii almost 20 times...back in my fly girl days in the Air Force we flew Aerovac missions (medical missions) there every week from Japan! Bet you never thought someone could get tired of going to Hawaii....I did, but now would love to go to take the kids. Steve and I went together for our first anniversary but we haven't been since. Hawaii is so beautiful and I love all the military history there.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Me and my girl

Madi has been home sick for two days. She had a fever on Sunday and again last night. By this afternoon she was feeling better and we were both a little stir crazy, so we headed to Target so she could buy a Christmas present for Ben. As soon as you walk in our Target there is a Starbucks, so we both got some carmel hot chocolate. Madi looked so cute enjoying her cup as we shopped.

Yes there are millions of Christmas shirts out there to buy your kids but I had to try my hand at one for Madi...it's okay, but she LOVES it.

Being homebound today, allowed me to get some stitcheries sewn together. Cindy, I am hoping to make it into the Plum Tree soon. :-)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beary Christmas

Ben and I came up with this idea to give to each of his classmates for Christmas. They were pretty simple...just printed up the tags, added the bow and then tied them around the bag of gummie bears with a bigger red bow. Now I need to work on Madi's...she has something different in mind for her class.

Peppermint Bark is one of our favorite Christmas recipes!!! I just follow the directions for fudge on a jar of marshmallow creme and use white chocolate chips. After pouring the fudge in a 9x13 I sprinkle it with crushed candy canes. mmm

Saturday, December 6, 2008

12 years as Mrs. H

Yesterday December 5th was our 12 year anniversary. I am so happy with Steve as my husband. My hope is to feel like this forever.

Steve had started making some plans for us over a week ago to do something fun, but a few days ago when it didn't look like things were going his way he came to me to let me know what he was hoping for but didn't think it would happen. I was so excited he just remembered our special day and was wanting to do something with me. Of course I told him not to worry he didn't need to do anything but say Happy Anniversary. Well yesterday when he left for work we exchanged cards...even the kids had some...we kissed and he said Happy Anniversary. But then later in the afternoon the doorbell rang and it was this special delivery of flowers and balloons. I was all giddy and felt so loved and in love on our day.

After loving the way my friend amber speckled "M's" (the initial for her last name) all over her house, I have been wanting to follow in her decorating steps. Today I picked up another H and finally decided to hang them on a wall...I LOVE them!!!

Here is a picture of Ben early this morning...he is better than me at eating a healthy breakfast...his favorite right now is Oatmeal Crisp. Anyway he skipped his football game this morning due to sore legs. Last night BEFORE gymnastics he went with Steve to the track and ran 1.6 miles with only a few steps of walking to rest. So he stumbled out of bed this morning and told me he didn't think he could play football and I gave my little guy some Motrin. Tonight he is fine.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I sure wish I was an eloquent writer so I could explain my day today and the feelings I had better than I know I will.
I have always been grateful for the USO. During my active duty years in the Air Force I spent some time...days and nights at different USO's around the world. Back in 2002 while we were on our way to Frankfurt, Germany we spent 5 hours in the Atlanta USO. It was a quaint place in such a gigantic airport to sit with our 2 year old Ben and 8 week old Madi. The ladies in there were so pleasant and helpful...ever since I have always wanted help others in that way.
On the first Thursday of every month it is the the ladies of ARCENT (Steve's work place with the Army) who run the show up there at the Atlanta Airport USO. After reading in the Yellow Ribbon (monthly newsletter) they needed volunteers I instantly signed up. Before today I didn't know any of these wonderful women. I had heard of one of them because her husband is a three star General that Steve gives a weather briefing to every morning.
My duties today started off in the kitchen. We bagged up like 300 or more Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Then we made basket fulls of sandwiches. All of a sudden it was time for the walk...Laura insisted I go do the walk...she should have warned me! I had to help line up all the soldiers and walk them down to get processed in for their flight. WOW! Just knowing where and what they are doing and leaving at this wonderful time of year...I had to hold back the tears at this sight. After the walk I stood with some of the ladies at a USO podium downstairs by the escalators that bring people up from the airline gates. Every time a person in uniform came up we all would clap for them and then one of us ladies world escort them to get their bags, to the processing line and then back up to the USO to eat, use the computers and rest before they leave.
I am so thankful for the wonderful experience today...can't wait until next month. There were about 400 people leaving today going back overseas...they are definitely in my thoughts right now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Have you done it yet?

If not, you will love doing it. My kids can watch this 20 times in a row. Here is our link http://elfyourself.jibjab.com/view/dq0uitWe1NWJw18YQkvy. Have some fun getting elfed!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Table of Trees

I LOVE all my things I have collected from around the world. Here you can see a nutcracker I picked up in Germany and to the right side of that I have some Japanese dolls from when I was stationed at Yokota AB, Japan (Tokyo).

The silver tree is fully loaded with old little wooden German ornaments....another flea market treasure from Wiesbaden, Germany.

My kids adore their cat Orange Juice. They asked me to take his picture while he was snuggled up to Santa.

It's December 1st and I am doing good! Last night I started wrapping presents for the kids. For one I think a tree looks prettier with a few gifts under it and second I can't stand for Christmas to be right around the corner and being rushed to get things wrapped. Plus my kids love counting, looking and guessing what is in all those boxes.
On my cousin Betsy's blog a couple of weeks ago she posted how filling her gas tank for $38 rocked her world....now this past weekend I filled mine for $28.50!....so I am rocking around the Christmas tree singing How Low Can You Go. That is a $50 savings for me from a few months ago. Perfect timing with Christmas.