Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tennessee rocking chairs

One night last week while we were in Nashville, Tennessee for my 1/2 marathon, we stopped in the Cracker Barrel right next to our hotel to get a treat. Then we went out front to sit in the rocking chairs and enjoy the evening for a few minutes. Ben and Madi stopped in their tracks when they saw that they had obnoxious Tennessee orange chairs to sit in. I assured them that it was fine to sit in them as long as we farted in them... Go Georgia Bulldogs!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Birthday stuff

One of the guys Steve works with has a little one who just turned 3, here is the card I made for him.

It's almost Ben's birthday so I made these for him to hand out to the kids in his class. Now I need to think up something for Madi because hers will be here before I know it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

1/2 Marathon

Well I did it! It was so FUN and so HARD! In the above picture this was about a quarter mile or so before the end. Ben ran out in the road and grabbed me yelling MOM! So I stopped to turn around to see Madi and Steve. You can see part of Ben's head next to my shoulder. Ben stayed with me (illegally) and ran the last bit to the finish line. Steve said he didn't even see me at first he just saw Ben running out there and then me. I was so excited to see the kids out there and for them to see me running. When I finally met up to Steve he was just smiling and gave me a high five.

After crossing the finish line Ben and I walked around trying to find Madi and Steve. When Steve saw us he snapped a picture. I just wanted a fresh water, to walk slow and to stretch my legs! Phew!

It was packed full pretty much the whole race. I thought it was amazing to see how many people want to do this. It was nicely organized at the start. There were 30 something corals and every 2 minutes a coral took off running so it went very smooth.

I may want to try another one of these things some day...but NEVER again in Nashville that's for sure. The hills were unreal! Rumor has it, it's one of the most hilliest marathons out there. The expected temps were 56 at the start and 65 at the finish. Yesterday at my finish it was 87 degrees! Plus there was some wind. Between my friend Susy and Jill who did the full marathon they agree about those hills and heat. And then while eating breakfast at our hotel this morning the dinning room full of runners and everyone was talking about how rough this race was. So if I ever do it again it will be somewhere flat...but I am still thrilled over my experience yesterday, great memories and stories.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's time!!!!

Tomorrow morning we are off to Nashville, TN! I can't believe it's time! Today has been hard...I didn't need to run, just needed to clean the house and pack for the trip but it's like I was in a daze...I just want it to be race day! We are expecting great weather and along the whole course of the race there are suppose to be bands playing music and I am really hoping my family will be able to get to a place to see me. I guess somewhere during the last mile they can even come join you in crossing the finish line.
I can't believe I am doing this. I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fun and colorful

Last night for dinner we had one of our favorite pasta salads.

Your favorite pasta cooked
green peppers
pepper jack cheese
Italian dressing
Mix everything together and viola!

I also served some yummy cheddar-garlic biscuits.

A while ago I had seen this pot holder idea over at the modabakeshop. and have been wanting to make them. Well last week my friend Michelle called and said her husband had found a new Hancock Fabric store and would like to go with her to check it out. Of course I took her up the invitation. While there I found some's like a warm and natural that is insulated and used to make things just like those pot holders that I had wanted to try.

All you need to make them is a few 10 inch squares of fabric, and 9 inch squares of Insul-bright, 9 inch squares of warm and natural and that is it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Some shopping

Only one more week until my half marathon in Nashville and I was still in need of a shirt made of the good stuff. After dinner Steve suggested I go out and go look for one. I never just go shopping and buy myself a regular priced shirt but I did tonight. So next Saturday I will be wearing this fun sunny yellow shirt with black bottoms. I am hoping it may be easy for my family to spot me among 25,000 other runners.

Today while talking to my friend susy she told me about some comfy new flip flops she had gotten. When she started to describe them to me I knew exactly which ones she was talking about. I had seen them last week when I was up at Dick's Sporting Goods but thought I couldn't afford $30 flip flops for instead I bought Ben some nearly $50 tennis shoes. On my little shopping spree tonight I walked right by these sleek things and saw they were only $19.99 this week so I grabbed the last pair in my size. I LOVE them and I have them on right now.

Here is Madi yesterday in her outfit I made her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New clothes

I think it's fun with each new season to change up the wardrobe with new clothes. Today Ben and Madi wore some new shorts and tees. Here they are bright and early this morning ready to head out the door to school.

Tomorrow Madi is going to wear some new Capri's that I MADE HER! They were pretty easy except for the crotch. I had to have Steve's help thinking in 3D to get it right but I did it. Now I can't wait until morning to get them ready for school.

Last week I was trying to do something new in front of my fireplace...this is what I came up with. Do you decorate in front of your fireplace?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Today's happiness...

...comes from my April stitchery in my kitchen. Last fall my friend Amber over at the mcillecespot suggested these cute chicken patterns. I have so enjoyed making them. But I had gotten behind...and I felt crappy having my March chicken up when it was April. So now I am happy that I just finished it. I have already started May so that doesn't happen again.

My smiles today are also coming from this video of Madi singing (I am the cutie, that has the power to be?) in the tub. Just click on the link below.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun

On Friday we got together with my friend michelle and all the kids colored Easter Eggs. The kids had a ball and were so fun to watch.

Even the big girls got in egg dyeing spirit.
I took the kids to see the movie Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was a cute movie but cutest part were Ben and Madi in those huge black BCG glasses! And my BIG accomplishment this weekend was doing a 10 mile run. My head is HUGE right now...but my knee hurts. Only 12 more days before my big run in Nashville.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Trying to Keep Calm

The first time I ever saw this was last year over on aliedwards. Then a few weeks ago I saw it again on Shannon's blog bless our nest, it was right after getting home from the hospital with Madi and knew I "needed" one to look at everyday. It came just in the nick of time this week! Because this week we found out Steve will be leaving for a deployment to Iraq next month. He has not even been home a year from his last deployment so it was a little unexpected. I should be use to this...Madi is only 6 years old and this is Steve's 4th deployment in her short life. I am good at handling things but you never just get use to missing your hubby. I am a little more nervous right now because we are not even but 3 weeks into living with Madi's new found diabetes but Steve keeps reminding me we still have another month to learn together. So this Keep Calm and Carry On is my new motto...Simplify was my 'word' for 2009 but I think the new motto is more appropriate! Madi is blowing me away with how well she is doing. She is a very responsible 6 year old...she knows she can eat anything but at certain times of the day and is fine with it. When there is something she knows she is hungry for we plan all day to eat it with lunch or dinner. She has a new love for sugar free pudding...look at the pictures below taken after lunch today.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Homemade Easter and the girls

These eggs were fun to make. I stitched them and then sewed them to resemble eggs and placed them in my Polish Pottery.
This one is for me!

And these went to the Plum Tree.

Last Friday I got my hair cut and Madi loved it. So since this week is Spring Break I made her an apt. with Melody too and now we look almost the same.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame....

Today is my birthday :-) My dad came for a long weekend so we have been celebrating for the last few days! Saturday we got out and enjoyed the weather and a baseball game....Georgia Tech/NC. There is Steve, Ben, Madi and Papa.

Boy was it HOT and sunny!

When we couldn't take the heat any longer we went up top to hang out in some shade.

It was the perfect day and lots of fun.

BUT the fun didn't end there...we headed over to the CNN Center for dinner.

We had to stroll through the gift shop and Ben and Madi had to get a souvenir too.

Here are Ben, Madi and Papa in front of the Cartoon Network area. I guess CNN and Cartoon Network are both owned by the Turner Broadcasting.

Papa and the kids flattened a penny into something with a cartoon on it. We always have the best time with my dad!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Believe in Spring!

Last night I finished up some "Believe in Spring" was so had been a while.
Now I just have to boast a little!
Today I ran 8 miles!!! I was suppose to do 8 miles last week but with Madi it just didn't happen. I did get a couple 3 mile runs in last week and on Saturday I tried to do 8 but it was a flop. So this week on Monday I did 3, on Tuesday I did 4.5, took yesterday off and then Ta-Da today I did it.
Last night after dinner the kids were outside riding their bikes with all the neighbors. When they came in they told me about a new kid...he is from Korea and has a really strange Mexican name something like Ching Yang?...that's what Ben said.