Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Looks like Easter

Here are two pictures of my Easter decorations.

Okay I think I may now hold the world record for the most money spent on Peeps. Madi has enjoyed helping me make over 40 of those adorable Easter treat bags. 14 are for her classmates and the rest are for our favorite Peeps at the kids school...I am very grateful to so many of the teachers and office staff.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


This cute Easter treat was an idea I found over at eighteen25. I just finished making a dozen of them to hand out but need to get some more peeps to make some more.

Yesterday was opening day for Madi's softball league. She lucked out and got what she wanted...she was placed on the purple team and was also given the #11 that she wanted. Madi had and RBI and a hit and score. Her team won 14 to 1!
I can't believe Madi even played her game. On Firday night she threw-up 6 times. As if that's not hard enough she has diabetes. So after puking she had to eat sugar pills and crackers to keep her blood sugar high enough. She is such a trooper! She ended up getting some keytones in her urine so we were trying to cope with that too. Last night she ended up having quite a few keytones and we thought we might end up in the hospital but her Pediatric Endocrinologist talked us through stuff on the phone to avoid that unless it became worse. Steve went to the gas station last night at 9pm and picked up like 5 candy bars and skittles for Madi to try to eat. She needed to eat enough carbs to get an insulin shot...that is what the Dr. told us would help. So all 4 of us were up late sharing with Madi and taste testing all the different kinds of skittles and sugar babies...what a night. Today no keytones and she has eaten some and is almost back to being her normal self.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A good day and a good recipe

I have been teaching in Special Ed (moderate) at Ben and Madi's school this week. It is so fun but a lot of work. I do have a certain child that is 'mine' when it's meal time. I have to feed him...he is very small but the cutest bottomless pit. He will eat his whole school lunch plus the two small treats and juice his mom sends in. There are four other teachers in the classroom and those are the nicest ladies ever. It is sometimes tough love when teaching kids with down syndrome and some of the other special needs we work with.

Steve got home from work a little early so he could change clothes before going on his run. He said to make the night easy for me he would pick up Subway after his run so I wouldn't need to cook a dinner. So...as a little stress reliever I made Ben a new pillowcase he has been wanting. And it's made from Japanese fabric. In Seoul, Korea where we are moving is the world's largest fabric market...selling these oriental fabrics...I am excited!

Tonight I made black bean salsa for our lunches tomorrow...the kids love it too. It came from the back of the Rotel can.
1 can corn
1 can black beans
1 can Rotel
lime juice
chopped cilantro
Serve with chips.
*Lise...the letters I use on my fireplace are from Pottery Barn and the frames from various places. You can print you own large letters to frame.

Monday, March 22, 2010

me being chatty

This weekend I finished my new April stitchery...I used astor manor fabric for the boarders.

Madi has a new haircut. She loves it and begged to wear her hair down for school this morning...she is crazy. For a few years now Ben has enjoyed the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books and now Madi is into them. So this weekend we went and saw the movie. It was hilarious!
Korea: I am so tired today. Steve and I stayed up late talking about our upcoming move to Korea after talking with the head of the Air Force spouses club there on the phone. We are moving to USAG Yongsan in Seoul, Korea. It is a very large base...6,000 military, 10,000 military dependents and 4,000 civilian workers. We have not lived at a base this large since we were both stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio. Yongsan has the largest commissary outside of the United States...equal to Ft. Bragg's and Ft. Lewis...nice! Steve is a Weather Forecaster in the Air Force but we are moving to an Army Post....the Army does not have their own weather career field so it's AF Weather Forecasters that do their weather. Have you ever watched the TV show M*A*S*H? That show is the 121 hospital in Seoul...that will be our new hospital.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Eggs

I just finished making these simple Easter cards tonight after dinner...using all scraps of fabric I almost threw away. I am learning to save ALL my scraps for future use.

Man, last week at this time I was sitting by pool relaxing...I LOVED the sound of those waterfalls!
Anyone watching March Madness...what a crazy first day yesterday!!! Poor Ben had Georgetown going to the Final Four...brackets everywhere are messed up!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hanging out at Spring Training...

Boo-hoo...we are home. What an amazing week we had being together having fun in Florida.

Yesterday we spent the day hanging out at Disney's Wide World of Sports...home of the Atlanta Braves Spring Training. As you can see in the picture I think it looks like California. The Braves sure do have the most awesome place for training.

Ben liked playing at the PlayStation Pavilion.

We arrived 90 minutes early so the kids could have time to play ball out front and we could watch batting practice.

...the girls. Madi in her pink Braves Princess hat.

During batting practice Ben was in the outfield ready to catch any home run balls that might come his way. Ben is in the red jacket, blue shorts right behind the E.

...Jason Heyward #71...he is the man. He went to Henry County High School about 2 miles from our house. He is the hottest thing in baseball starting this year. Steve took this picture and he hopes to print it and to get it signed by Jason Heyward in the future. They say he may be the next Babe Ruth!?!

Monday, March 15, 2010


EPCOT has been our favorite Disney Park. Soarin is our FAVORITE ride!!! But we enjoyed all the neat things you learn about at EPCOT.

Two of my dad's sisters...the twins Brenda and Bonnie both live in Florida....Bonnie in Orlando and Brenda in Cocoa Beach. Brenda was in Ohio...my cousin Chad and his wife are having their 6th baby. We did catch up with My Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Jim and cousin Ruthie. My Uncle Jim does something with Disney so their family gets unlimited access to the Disney Parks. They met us at EPCOT.

Steve of all people LOVED EPCOT. All the neat rides and how you can visit different countries. We ate dinner in Japan. My kids really enjoy all the different oriental foods...if you ask Ben about moving to Korea he will tell you their food is his first reason for wanting to move there.

Ben and Steve tested out the ride Test Track. They said it was good so later they took Madi on it...she loved it too. We stayed until the fireworks and laser light show were over...my legs were so tired after such a long day.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Atlanta Braves vs New York Yankees

We are in Florida! The resort we are staying at is in Orlando but today we hopped over to Tampa for some fun. Man, the Yankees have a nice spring training set-up...almost as nice as the Braves have at Disney's Wide World of Sports.

To get into the George Steinbrenner Stadium you have to park over at the Buccaneer's stadium and cross over the bridge.

What a sight....the Yankees field with the football stadium right across the street. The kids watched the last year's Super Bowl and liked seeing the stadium in real life. It's nice.

Our future ESPN sports writer wanted his own picture taken with the stadium to display in his room.

The evening started off nice....then the rains came.

So we went to the covered area for some treats...ice cream in NY Yankees helmets...notice the kids in their braves shirts. Well the rain didn't stop. So we got a refund and hope to catch some home games for the Braves here at Disney over the next week.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

quilt along and away we go...

I have joined in the fun over on moose on the porch quilts. It's a sampler quilt along. Every other Monday a new pattern will come out. After 24 weeks we will have 12 squares to make a quilt with. You can pick what ever fabric you want too. It's dang fun. I won't be home next Monday so I will have some catching up to do when I get back.
We are headed to the dream vacation lots parents of like to give their kids. We have been working hard and saving money and Santa helped. We enjoy our tradition of Santa Claus giving us the gift of a family vacation. Last year he gave us a disney cruise and this year we got a week stay at hyatt grand cypress in Orlando. (thanks to steve and priceline.com it only was 1/4 of the real price) But it has the grandest pool with 12 waterfalls, 4 Jack Nickolaus golf courses, a lake with a beach and boats...in-room babysitting...that's a first. We already have our Disney tickets, baseball tickets and other plans in the making so we are set! Let the fairytale begin.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today was beautiful and THRILLING! The bright colors were amazing! It was so loud! You could see it, hear it and felt it all! 200,000 people! We spent the day over at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. We saw all the favorites...Jeff Gordon, Jimmy Johnson, Kyle Busch...and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr was the first car out today. Even if he isn't your racer you gotta love him. Tony Stewart was there....he is the only racer I don't like.

Look at these young guys walking to the race.

There is Madi...look where our seats were...turn 3...they were great seats. On the 3rd lap there was a crash and the car was on fire right there...we felt it hit the wall twice. WILD!

Ben, Steve and Madi watching the action.

It was a long but fun 341 laps...we were there 6 hours. Did you watch the race on tv? Some serious crashes on the last 5 laps. As long as the drivers are okay those are sure a crowd pleaser if they don't include your racer. Today, car #2 Kurt Busch won. That is who Madi picked before the race started. It was an amazing and fun fun fun experience!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

the reason my kids don't want to move...

...family...their cousins!!! We have never been stationed so close to family before...Teresa lives in Savannah about 250 miles from Atlanta but she drives it all the time. Nana, Great Grandma, Deedee and Haley came for a visit. Today was the last game this basketball season and Nana really wanted to see one.

Madi's game....stunk. It was so bad that when it was her turn to sit out she wasn't even interested in watching her team...she turned to watch another.

Look at Great Grandma in those new kind of Sketchers with jeans on. I think she is the most fun Great Grandma.

There is Ben #34. We are sad the season is over.

Deedee is such a sweet and playful young lady. She had all three of the younger kids on her back. The kids had a ball playing together. After the games we went out to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and then I went and did some spring shopping. I needed a nice relaxing day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

crafting to stay sane...

There is tooooo much military paperwork to do when moving your family overseas!!! Especially now that my kids are getting older. I have done the kids school clearances, all three of our dental clearances, Madi was seen downtown at Emory to get her clearance from her Pediatric Endocrinologist on Wed., yesterday I had two of my clearances taken care of and this afternoon are the last two from Ben and Madi's Pediatrician. I am telling you it's a bit much!!! Plus my kids have activities 4 out of the 5 week nights. So in any spare moment I could find I made this fun colorful table runner out of some favorite scraps of fabric.

Yesterday at one of my Dr. apt. that was scheduled for 1100 and I was asked to be there 15 min. early...well I was not seen until 1PM!!! Thank goodness I had taken a fun magazine and my stitching supplies...I finished my new March stitchery.
Calgon PLEASE take me away!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I think we need new passports...

Look how sweet they were. Ben was 22 months and Madi...only 6 days old in her last passport photo. We moved to Germany when she was almost 8 weeks old. A child's passport is only good for 5 years, so we are on a mission for new ones now that we know we are moving to Korea.