Sunday, May 30, 2010

UGA vs. Cal

Friday was Ben and Madi's last day of school. Steve was also off on Friday. So, we checked the kids out of school at 1100 and drove over to Athens to watch UGA play California in softball and to hit up Chuck E Cheese...perfect way for starting off our summer.

What a great game. It was the NCAA Super Regionals. When we move to California we won't be far from this school. But we are fascinated with Stanford...we use google earth and have already found the sports complex and are learning the lay of the land. We already have some plans for some fun football games, baseball, basketball....

Georgia did win. It was HOT! It was fun!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My FAVORITE flip flops in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

I live only one mile from my local quilt store. But last week I went shopping in north Atlanta at another fun store tinystitches. While in there I found this book. It has the neatest ideas. My eyes were drawn to the red and aqua flip flops and instantly knew I had to make a set for myself!!! I am in love with them and keeping them forever. So, for a summer display on one of my tables, Madi and I thought this little quilt, a pitcher full of homemade pinwheels and a yummy strawberry candle would be so fun. I should be packing, cleaning and getting ready to move to Korea but instead I am quilting and now wanting to make the pinwheels.

Here is Madi with her aqua feet :-) We just made the footprints, stitched around them, knotted some ribbon and stitched it to the fabric, hot glued the flowers, Madi signed it and then I quilted it. Go luck at that book. In the fall I want to make the spider and maple leaf.

Monday, May 24, 2010

military wives

Last summer when my friend amber was moving she made a new crafty decoration to have ready to display in the new home. I followed...see my new Seoul, Korea pillow.

This one I sent to Betty...she is already in Korea. Funny thing...her and her friend Jen read my blog and we all figured out Betty's husband was Air Force but was going to the same Army Post we are suppose to go to AND Jen is moving here to a base in's crazy.
This past weekend we got together with the other Air Force Weather people Steve works with. I think it's important to know each other:
Back in April/May 2003 we were in Germany but Steve was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. They flew to Kuwait and then drove their humvees from Kuwait up to the Baghdad Airport...they were the first people to get to that airport.
2 weeks before all the guys left, the Squadron Commander and his wife came over from Heidelberg. There was a big meeting so they could meet all the guys and their families. At a certain point the Commander had the guys take all the kids and leave the conference wives liked that until we got what was coming next. The Commander and his wife started talking about DEATH and that we were to never use that word around our husbands and that is why they needed to leave the room. We filled out paperwork for the way we wanted things to happen if one of our guys were to die. We had to list which other wife or wives they were to inform and to pick up to bring with them to inform us if something did happen. They never want 2 strangers to inform a spouse all alone. Thank goodness they all came back from that dangerous trip.
That is why I think is so nice to know all the other families...we are all going through the same thing and our husbands sure depend on each other.
To make the world smaller, I have an Aunt who works at the Air and Space museum in Washington DC. One day she was teaching a new lady the ropes. They got to talking and guess who the lady was...Steve's Commanders wife from Germany...the one who was so kind and got us wives ready for the first dreadful deployment.

Friday, May 21, 2010

birthday stuff and the winner of my giveaway

Madi's birthday isn't until June but she wanted to celebrate at school. So we dressed up these yummy suckers to give each to each classmate.

These clown cupcakes made Madi really excited. Once I got the first 2 made they weren't that hard. I found this cute idea over here. I am taking them in today during the kids lunch.

Okay Madi also really wanted to be the one to draw the winner of our giveaway early this morning. She picked Brittney. So Brittney please e-mail us your I bet Rhett will get some good use out of the popsicle covers.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ben and his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Quillen. Monday was the awards ceremony for 4th grade. I was so proud of Ben. He raked those bad boys in. He is most proud of his Presidential Physical Fitness Award...that is pretty hard to get...only 6 kids in his class earned it.

Poor Ben got called up on stage a few know he does NOT like to be the center of attention at all. But I sure was excited!

These are the three 4th graders who had all A's for the whole year. That little sweetie on the right in the sundress...Hannah, her mom and I agreed that it's too bad we are moving because those two would have been fun to see during the high school years...she is so smart, a level 6 gymnast, plays violin...right up Ben's alley.
Okay so Ben comes home Monday afternoon with his spelling/vocabulary list for the week...first word on there was tintinnabulation. I had to ask Ben how to say it and what it was. I am his mom and I have never seen or heard that word in my life.
He took some standardized tests...had the highest 4th grade score AND outscored all the 5th graders but one. If he didn't look so much like us I would wonder if he was really our child...I am so proud.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

popsicle cover giveaway

I found this idea online
for the cutest Popsicle covers. No more cold hands! They used fleece but I had lots of pretty fabric scraps I wanted to use so I lined mine with batting. It's 2 1/2 by 6 or 7 inches of fabric folded and sewn. My kids LOVE them. I love the way they look. So I am giving a 4-pack away...leave a comment and we will pick a winner next Friday, 21 May.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back when

I have been going through stuff getting ready for our move to Korea. My kids love looking at my stuff from back when... In this picture I am the girl in the flight suit. I was an Aero Medical Evacuation Tech(took care of sick/injured soldiers and family members in flight) while stationed in Japan. It was first the 9th AES then the 374th AES. We covered the east coast of Africa to California and then to the North and South Poles...lots of traveling and flight hours. I earned those set of wings!!!

Some of my Air Force name tags from different jobs.

Back when I turned 1 years old.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NBA Playoffs round 2 game 3

This past Saturday we got the chance to go to a game. What a fun thing to do....going to the NBA Playoffs. It was Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic. What's funny is this is the same game we went to last year...round 2 game 3.
Here are our handsome boys playing a game in the Kids Zone inside Phillips Arena.

Madi got a Hawk tattooed on her face.

Of course we got there early to watch the Hawks and Magic warm up.

We all wore white. It was a Hawks thing...a white out but it didn't work...they lost BAD!

Friday, May 7, 2010

California dreaming

What a week!!!! Our most exciting news is we now know that after we move to Korea we get to move to CALIFORNIA!!! It's Beale AFB near Sacramento. 70 miles from Lake Tahoe, 100 miles from Napa Valley, 120 miles from San Francisco, 6 hours from LA...I am telling you our list is a mile long of things we want to do in the great state of California.

Monday was Ben's birthday. He enjoyed a nice small party just here at home with our family. The kids are hoping to have a big party with family and friends later...Madi's birthday is in the beginning of June so it can be a party for both kids.

Tuesday was the 2nd grade field trip downtown to visit the state capitol. Steve had the day off so we also took Ben with us. After the field trip was over we separated from the 2nd grade and went to the CNN Center for lunch...

...and the CNN tour. The kids thought is was so neat. TJ Holmes was the anchor on live while we were there. It was fun to watch the chaos of how things work. The United States had just captured that terrorist responsible for that car bomb in NY. CNN was also airing a live broadcast from the White House on subject of finding that terrorist and his group in Pakistan. If you are ever in Atlanta I would recommend taking that CNN tour. Oh and last Sunday was the last broadcast on the old desk that has been there from the beginning. Monday was the first broadcast from the new desk. Have you noticed it?

Yesterday both my kids had field day. It was LONG and HOT! Their favorite game was this dip your nose in vaseline, dip your nose into a bowl of cotton balls, run down the way, shake shake shake that ball into a bowl and go back for more. Who ever has the most wins.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A new skirt for Madi and 2 more teacher gifts

AAAAA...look how cute Madison was dressed for school this morning. This was the easiest and by far my most favorite skirt I made her. And it cost maybe $3 to make it!!!

These two little pillows are stitched and sewn and ready to give our teachers for day #3 this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. I love that school days fabric.

And what else but some of my yummy homemade strawberry jelly.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Quilt show at Nash Farm Battlefield

Today I went to a neat quilt show over at nash farm battlefield. They had 189 beautiful handmade quilts on display. There were also a few vendors there. I bought the prettiest's Civil War reproduction fabric. How fitting being that I bought it on the grounds were there were some famous Civil War battles. What a fun souvenir from this area I will have. Does anyone have any idea on a neat quilt pattern to use with these?

It is so pretty out at Nash Farm.

I loved this pinwheel quilt and it's the one I voted for to win.