Monday, May 24, 2010

military wives

Last summer when my friend amber was moving she made a new crafty decoration to have ready to display in the new home. I followed...see my new Seoul, Korea pillow.

This one I sent to Betty...she is already in Korea. Funny thing...her and her friend Jen read my blog and we all figured out Betty's husband was Air Force but was going to the same Army Post we are suppose to go to AND Jen is moving here to a base in's crazy.
This past weekend we got together with the other Air Force Weather people Steve works with. I think it's important to know each other:
Back in April/May 2003 we were in Germany but Steve was getting ready to deploy to Iraq. They flew to Kuwait and then drove their humvees from Kuwait up to the Baghdad Airport...they were the first people to get to that airport.
2 weeks before all the guys left, the Squadron Commander and his wife came over from Heidelberg. There was a big meeting so they could meet all the guys and their families. At a certain point the Commander had the guys take all the kids and leave the conference wives liked that until we got what was coming next. The Commander and his wife started talking about DEATH and that we were to never use that word around our husbands and that is why they needed to leave the room. We filled out paperwork for the way we wanted things to happen if one of our guys were to die. We had to list which other wife or wives they were to inform and to pick up to bring with them to inform us if something did happen. They never want 2 strangers to inform a spouse all alone. Thank goodness they all came back from that dangerous trip.
That is why I think is so nice to know all the other families...we are all going through the same thing and our husbands sure depend on each other.
To make the world smaller, I have an Aunt who works at the Air and Space museum in Washington DC. One day she was teaching a new lady the ropes. They got to talking and guess who the lady was...Steve's Commanders wife from Germany...the one who was so kind and got us wives ready for the first dreadful deployment.


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Kansas Amy said...

What a cute pillow, I love the idea. And your blog post almost put in me in tears. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

NICE reading and cute pillow.

Anonymous said...

I have my Clifton, VA pillow on display and just handled it today. How funny. ON

Brittany said...

Very cute!

Amber M. said...

Us military wives have got to stick together. I love my friends...little pockets of them all over the world.

Your pillow is dar.ling. Great idea!!

Jen said...

What a small Air Force world! Yes, we must all stick together! :) I feel so honored that you talked about me in your neat that I could put you in contact with Betty! That is such a neat pillow!