Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oceaneer Lab

Before February is over, I wanted to post one more time about our Disney Cruise. My kids enjoyed attending a few classes at the Oceaneer Lab. One of the classes was Ratatouille Cooking School, where they made their very own chocolate chip cookies. The second class was Flubber and this one was a BIG hit. We still have our flubber.
The lab was full of fun stuff like Wii's and about 40 computers it seemed. Lots of lego type kids loved and begged to go in there. I think this is the cutest picture of all the little scientist.

Before the cruise, I never knew how nice and how organized everything was. Every night for dinner you go to a new fine dinning place... on the first day you are given pre-arranged seating assignments. Every night at all the different restaurants we sat at table 44 with the same sweet family that had kids our kids age. Your servers follow you to each new place too. On the first night Ricardo (our server) new right off the bat all the kids names. We started looking forward to seeing him at dinner. On the last night of the cruise, we were to eat at Animator's Palate...this was my absolute favorite. Everything ...the walls, pictures and even the servers vest start off in black and white but then once you get into dinner things start to change colors. In the picture above you can see where the chefs came out so we could thank them for a job well done on the last night.

At one of my meals I ordered chips and salsa for my appetizer and look how they came...they were so delish!

Here is my chocolate peanut butter pie at Animator's Palate. Unbelievable!!!!
Disney Cruise Line is amazing! I still feel like it was a dream.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monograms for baby

Soon before moving from Germany I meet the sweetest girl. Now they just moved to the base in El Paso and just had their first child too. Alyssa mailed out the cutest baby announcements that were blue and brown, so I thought I would make my card and gift in the same. She stated they were all good and didn't need a thing, but I think every new mom and baby need a little something to celebrate. I made a stitchery for new little Charlie's room.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Today, a few days after I was suppose to do it I ran 5 miles. It's been 3 years since the last time I have done that. Today's run was so nice. I ran around the lake over at Salem...there are some hills so I was huffing and puffing at times but all and all it was good. I am so happy with myself feels so good!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Fun Friday!

I think I am married to the world's most fun husband. Early Friday afternoon he called and asked what we were up to. After chatting for a few minutes he let me in on the idea he rented a hotel in downtown. The kids and I were freaking out at the idea and got packed and left in less than an hour to meet Steve at his work...Ft. McPherson is pretty much in downtown. Saturday we went to Perimeter Mall and then over to Smyrna...the Border's Bookstore there is cool, it's all upstairs with huge windows to show off the Atlanta skyline. After picking Madi up a Goonie Bird Green book she has been wanting we went to the theatre next door and laughed our way through the movie Paul Blart...Mall Cop. As you can see in the above picture we hit Trader Joe's while we were out and about too.

All this because of! It started when we were going to Florida. Usually our hotel of choice is the Hampton Inn where ever we go. Steve wanted to try something new that would also save money, so he started messing around with priceline for hotels. On our Florida trip Steve got us a super nice and fun hotel/resort...the Mona Lisa in Orlando for $79 on priceline but the price if you were to walk in and get it was $399 plus resort fees and taxes. This weekend we got a downtown Marriott for $29 on This is so fun getting these deals that really let us get out more...we have more plans in the making now!

The kids of course loved playing in the water at the hotel.

Okay off the top of my head I can count 10 military bases in the state of Georgia...4 of them in Atlanta. We popped into Dobbins AFB while downtown...did you know they share the land 1/2 and 1/2 with the Navy? That would be so weird to be in the Navy and then stationed at Naval Air Station water here.

We enjoyed dinner at Dave and Buster's and then had lots of fun playings tons of games afterwards. Man does the weekend really have to end? It's been a good one!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Break

I really enjoy the school schedule our county has. Every 6 weeks we get a week off, leaving us with a 2 month break during the summer. This week is our Winter Break. We have been to the bookstore, Blockbuster and today skating with the Bonnoci's. I think Madi has a crush on Brendon...she follows his every move and it's so funny to watch her.
I just love sleeping in!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our cozy cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Okay, last week we were on a cruise in the Bahamas and then this week a nice 4 day trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Look at this beautiful cabin. It was huge...could sleep 13 people. It was definitely the cabin of all cabins! We enjoyed a few days hanging out with the Harmon side of the family. It was so cozy and relaxing...with some good shopping too. The cabin is in Blairsville, Georgia just minutes away from the North Carolina border. On Saturday we did go to Murphy, North Carolina....the kids love crossing state lines.
I so enjoy taking a scenic drive.

Looking into the cabin from the top deck.
Here is where Steve and I stayed....awww

Ben, Madi and Haley playing Battleship.

Nana was so nice to help Ben with his hand.

Ben enjoyed playing cards with the bigger people.

Took this picture in the town of Blue Ridge. We went to the big apple farm there and ate the yummiest fried apple pie.

It is so pretty, Steve and I kept reminding each other that it's only a two and a half hour drive away so we can go back.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This week after getting home from our cruise I have been on the go. Laundry, commissary, lots of crafting and I have run everyday! These bags above I made for the snack to hand out at Madi's basketball game...I gave them to the coach at practice since she won't be at the game this Saturday. We are leaving tomorrow to go on another vacation with Steve's side of the family. The kids are stoked to be going away with their cousins.
Here are Ben's Valentine Cards.

This is what the kids are giving their teachers for Valentines Day. They read: You're the chocolate truffle in a chocolate bar world...we hung them on a yummy bag of Lindt truffles.

Earlier this week on our drive home from the cruise, we stopped off in Daytona Beach to show the kids the racetrack. The big race is there this coming weekend but you would not believe how many campers were already flooding the place almost a week early. Bet they are having a fun week with all fans gathering there.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Bahamas

Enjoying breakfast before heading out on Castaway Cay.
My kids were happy to play basketball and pool on the beach.

Yikes...we were right next to the Flying Dutchman.

Our family really enjoyed touring around the island on bikes.

Now this is a beach with a view. This at Family Beach on Castaway Cay.

We had to bribe Ben and Madi to get them off the basketball court, even while being in the Bahamas. Here we are docked in Nassau the capital city of the Bahamas. You can see the Atlantis resort in the background.

They said Oprah had a house around these parts...can you imagine. I sure enjoyed the beautiful Bahamas...I want to go back!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On board the Disney Wonder

It all started back in the beginning of December. Steve said 2009 would be a busy year for him...3 trips to Kuwait, survival training up at Fairchild and a 2 month trip to Egypt. Steve said he would like to plan a fun vacation around all his trips, so we did. The kids had been to Disney, last year we went to the beaches in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and a few others so we decided this year we wanted to head north. We both wanted to go to the Big Apple but thought that would be better to do in warmer weather so Steve came up with the idea of a Disney Cruise. I am so glad he was PERFECT...A DREAM!

We were driving in the car and came over a bridge heading into Cape Canaveral and then all of a sudden we all squealed at the first sight of the ship. It's HUGE!

That is the Atrium on Deck 3 behind Ben and Madi. This is where you come on board. The crew group families together and when you enter this gorgeous area on the ship they announce "The Disney Wonder welcomes the Harmon Family aboard"...which makes you feel so cool and it looks like something from the movie The Titanic.

Here is deck favorite. It was a quiet place. It was 1/3 mile around the ship and this was the deck that was made for walking and running around. Steve and I came here a few times and at night we enjoyed sitting in those blue chairs.

One evening while the kids where having fun at the Oceaneer Lab, Steve and I went to the gym. Here is my treadmill...look at my view.

About 30 minutes before pulling out of Port Canaveral The Sail Away party started. Where all those people are standing is a pool but they cover it so people can stand there for all the big parties. All the fun Disney characters came to the party too. We just loved all the music and energy....everyone was so excited to start on our voyage.

Out of the three pools on deck 9 this one...Mickey's pool with the slide was their favorite. There is Madi jumping in. They love playing in the water.

There is Madi...she just slid down Mickey's slide.

The ship had the prettiest and cleanest bathrooms.

Our family spent a lot of time up on deck 10...that is where the basketball court was.

Madi looking out watching as we pulled out of Port Canaveral.

There are two theaters on the ship...the Buena Vista Movie Theatre and the Walt Disney Theatre which is used for the broadway style shows. Every night after dinner we saw a different broadway is a picture of Toy Story The Musical...the kids and Steve's favorite one. They were outstanding performances!
I am so lucky to have married such a wonderful guy. I can't imagine the pride Steve feels having such a wonderful family and not only being able to provide us with all of our necessities, but a beautiful house and even taking his kids on such an extravagant fun vacation. I guess I should tell him thank you.