Saturday, June 27, 2009

fabric necklace

We have been swimming everyday this week. Ben and Madi have done so good at their lessons. They are in level 3 and 4 now...American Red Cross. This morning they have been begging to go again today. I said we could this afternoon if they were good this morning so I could clean house and make a fabric necklace. I LOVE it. You can use any colors and make them any length you want....I know I will be trying a few more of these. Rachael over at p.s. i quilt had this fabric-necklace-tutorial on her blog the other day.

It's just 3 strips of fabric.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

summer mornings

I love summer. Getting to stay up later then normal. Sleeping in. Being together. My kids are so fun. They enjoy some of the simplest things in life. This morning they each enjoyed a bowl of grits...Madi in Georgia red and Ben Carolina blue.

Last week in the mail I got a $10 coupon for JCPenny. So one night after gymnastics we went shopping and Ben and Madi got matching wii pj pants.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Black bird and Father's Day

I loved this crazy fabric with the black bird on it. So I made Madi a simple looks cute with a black tee and her green crocs. And get this, I had a coupon so this dress only cost me $1.29...makes me love it even that much more.
We are thinking of Steve since it's Father's Day. He did email us today. He said work was busy and someone was sick so he is covering an extra half of a shift so he can't call. But the kids and I are enjoying the day. We just finished dinner...pancakes! As soon as it cools off just a little we are going to go to the same park we did with Steve last Father's Day. Also just like last Father's Day I started on my Christmas cards this afternoon....I guess that's my new tradition.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lots and lots of Americana

I love these cards I made to send out for the 4th of July...they have one of my favorite pictures of Ben and Madi on them. The kids were were 2 and 4 and dressed in their pilot uniforms...I have this picture displayed in my living room too.

Here is last years 4th of July's my little blog symbol whenever I leave comments on other blogs.

This in one of the tables in my living all dressed up in Red, White and Blue.

See a few little stitchery pillows I made in years past...I love making little things to decorate my house.

Look at these beautiful little piggies. Last Wednesday was Madi's birthday. She wanted to go to the movies to see Night At The Museum 2 and she wanted to go get her toes was such a fun day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Hero's Salute

Last week in Afghanistan 3 Army Soldiers from Georgia were killed. One of them from Henry County. This is the first person to give the ultimate sacrifice from Henry County. Sgt. Beale was flown back to Georgia last night. His family picked him up in Fayette County and from there drove through Clayton County and then home here in Henry County. There was a helicopter escort along with lots of motorcycles and police cars. Along the 20 mile route from the airfield where he landed to the funeral home about 2 miles from our house the streets were lined with grateful Americans to welcome him home.

People started lining up more that an hour before Sgt. Beale's hurst drove by. One of the neighbors, Kameryn came with us. At first I didn't know if I should tell Ben and Madi about someone getting killed in action with their own dad serving in Iraq right now. I did and I am glad they wanted to go support this other family that has lost so much.

I am amazed at this picture.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sand storms in Iraq

My husband is a Weather Forecaster in the Air Force and is serving in Iraq right now. Weather is a major factor over there. Steve has been super busy with storms the past 2 days. He shared a link with me of what sand storms are...I could never have imagined this! I guess they last for days and it's just dark. Just click Steve did not tape this, someone else was on youtube but this is at his base in Iraq.

Monday, June 8, 2009

still 6 but almost 7

On Wednesday June 10th Madi will be 7 but we celebrated with a party this past Saturday. Nana drove to Atlanta from Savannah again and Aunt Alicia came with the cousins. Madi was so happy.

To no surprise, Madi wanted a soccer party. I found the cutest soccer plates and napkins and they said Go Girl on them...just perfect! Her cake was a bunch of cupcakes that looked like a soccer ball (thanks to Walmart).

Madi got a Dance Dance Revolution Disney style for the wii. It's a hoot watching everyone do this!

Look at the cute little bracelet that came in the mail today. Madi only had one medical alert bracelet that was not holding up to well. So the other night I spent $100 and ordered a few different ones to try. Some of them are $40 each. But this little stylish rubber one was only $3 so I ordered a few...I have a feeling that white lettering will wear off easy. Madi likes it and I can't believe how small and cute they make this stuff. They need to for these little sweeties.

Friday, June 5, 2009

On the go

We are at the end of our first week of summer. So much for resting...we get up every morning and go to the gym. In the afternoons both kids have swim lessons that they LOVE. We are going to Miss Jennifer's, the same wonderful place we attended lessons last year. Ben has become a pro and Madi is working on it...almost there. Madi is also enjoying a free month of karate lessons she got from school and those are every Tue. and Thur. evenings...who would have thought she would love karate?

During down time the kids are usually doing some kind of arts and crafts. We did go see the new Disney movie UP the other day and it was really good. So see, we have been on the go.