Monday, April 25, 2011

Stork's Nest quilts and Quilts Of Valor

I spent the whole day with the Yongsan Quilter's today. There are some super neat women/quilter's here. Monday's are spent making quilts for the Stork's Nest and for making Quilts Of Valor...both worthy causes!!! Also on Monday it's show and tell of the projects we have been working on at home. This awesome quilt was made by the lady on the left, a Colonol in the United States Army...where does she find the time? So about the Stork's Nest quilts. Here at Yongsan there is a HUGE Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital. The Yongsan quilters have a goal of making 20 baby quilts a month to give to new mother's...20 is so not enough though...there were 90...yes 90 scheduled deliveries in the month of April, not to mention the girls who choose to go off-post. This base is a baby making machine! I am into making baby quilts.

There are a few girls qualified to make the patriotic Quilts Of Valor. They are so warm and should see them. There is a reverence that goes along with the making of those. Here is a quilt top Kim was sewing on today.

This Quilt Of Valor is finished.

There are tags/labels that get sewn to the back of all quilts sewn by the Yongsan Quilters. I love working with these fellow military wives.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Korean Capitol and Cherry Blossoms

They weather has been warming up so we have been getting out and about more. Here are Ben and Madi in front of the Korean Capitol.

We stopped by a city did a lot of other people.

Cherry blossoms are in bloom all's beautiful...reminds me of when I lived in Japan.

We were worried about Madi's blood sugar going low after all the walking so Steve stopped to buy some finger licking good snacks for us.

Spring is in the air!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My FAVORITE place!

My craft area is my favorite place in my home! It needs folding and fixing but I have only been in this new house a month and have been busy...and my movers will be here again within 3 months to ship my things to California.

Home is where the Air Force sends you...Korea. These were my change of address cards I made when we moved here...I love that quilty paper.

TA-DA! I made a sewing machine cover. It makes my machine look so pretty sitting on my sewing table.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seoul Science Museum

Ben and Madi are on Spring Break this week. Today we are at home taking a break!!! We have been out and about having fun around town with friends everyday and we have plans for tomorrow too. Yesterday we hopped the line 4 train over the river to the Science Museum.

We made it to the museum.

There was lots of fun to be had outside the museum.

The kids had to pedal fast to light up this big ball.

There was even a solar observatory there.

They had some neat geology exibits Ben really enjoyed seeing.

EWWW there was an insectarium. I have never been to one... oh my!

Inside the Insectarium there was nasty bug petting. I still can not believe my friend Liz picked this HUGE bug up.

Ever wonder what Ben would look like as an astronaunt...well there you go.

What a great way to spend one of our days of the kids break.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

PEEPS 2011

Last year I used peeps for easter treats too. This year our Commissary and PX don't have any regular Peeps...all they have are these expensive chocolate Peeps but I went ahead and bought the whole row. This past week I went to Dongdaemun with a quilting friend and I bought this Peep yellow felt to cut my bunnies from. The pattern is from made, you can just copy the pattern right off your computer screen!

This week has been crazy fun. I have had school field trips to attend, Steve had my actual birthday off so we went out to eat and shopping, I went to Dongdaemun, we went to the Seoul Zoo, the Seoul horse track, and last night we went out for my favorite Kalbi...YUMMY!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Sky Life

There is a sign outside that describes our apartment complex as Sky's a wonderful way to live. Here is a view from inside our home in the sky.

Here is looking straight down...there is the old Korean church and you can see one of three play areas. If you make the picture big you can see Ben and Madi over there playing.

Here is the view out the living room window...see those yellow towers on the left side...that's Megatrium where we use to live...crazy. But this house has a grand view of the city of Seoul.

Here is looking out the kids bedroom window...they see Building 63 over there across the Han River.

Now this is fun...our new shower. There are a handful of buttons in there. We didn't know how to work the darn thing the first night we moved in. You can get water to spray out from all directions and different ways. Look at Steve cracking up because he can't figure out how to turn the thing on for Madi. Plus he looks 'wierd' because March was Mustache March...all the guys in the 607th Weather Squadron didn't shave...I didn't like it but it was funny.