Saturday, April 9, 2011

PEEPS 2011

Last year I used peeps for easter treats too. This year our Commissary and PX don't have any regular Peeps...all they have are these expensive chocolate Peeps but I went ahead and bought the whole row. This past week I went to Dongdaemun with a quilting friend and I bought this Peep yellow felt to cut my bunnies from. The pattern is from made, you can just copy the pattern right off your computer screen!

This week has been crazy fun. I have had school field trips to attend, Steve had my actual birthday off so we went out to eat and shopping, I went to Dongdaemun, we went to the Seoul Zoo, the Seoul horse track, and last night we went out for my favorite Kalbi...YUMMY!!!


Every Day Gourmet said...

What a fun birthday you had! So glad Steve got to spend the day with you. The Peeps cards are so cute. Another amazing craft created by Jeni!

Anonymous said...

The cards are just adorable!!!
Aunt O