Thursday, April 14, 2011

Seoul Science Museum

Ben and Madi are on Spring Break this week. Today we are at home taking a break!!! We have been out and about having fun around town with friends everyday and we have plans for tomorrow too. Yesterday we hopped the line 4 train over the river to the Science Museum.

We made it to the museum.

There was lots of fun to be had outside the museum.

The kids had to pedal fast to light up this big ball.

There was even a solar observatory there.

They had some neat geology exibits Ben really enjoyed seeing.

EWWW there was an insectarium. I have never been to one... oh my!

Inside the Insectarium there was nasty bug petting. I still can not believe my friend Liz picked this HUGE bug up.

Ever wonder what Ben would look like as an astronaunt...well there you go.

What a great way to spend one of our days of the kids break.

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