Monday, April 4, 2011

Sky Life

There is a sign outside that describes our apartment complex as Sky's a wonderful way to live. Here is a view from inside our home in the sky.

Here is looking straight down...there is the old Korean church and you can see one of three play areas. If you make the picture big you can see Ben and Madi over there playing.

Here is the view out the living room window...see those yellow towers on the left side...that's Megatrium where we use to live...crazy. But this house has a grand view of the city of Seoul.

Here is looking out the kids bedroom window...they see Building 63 over there across the Han River.

Now this is fun...our new shower. There are a handful of buttons in there. We didn't know how to work the darn thing the first night we moved in. You can get water to spray out from all directions and different ways. Look at Steve cracking up because he can't figure out how to turn the thing on for Madi. Plus he looks 'wierd' because March was Mustache March...all the guys in the 607th Weather Squadron didn't shave...I didn't like it but it was funny.

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