Sunday, August 28, 2011

Driving through Kansas and Colorado

What a summer. There is nothing like driving across the whole United States Of America! Check out the field of sunflowers in Kansas. Ha...something funny about Kansas was that Ben was afraid of driving across it. He didn't want to run into a tornado.

We drove right past Ft. Riley(home of the Big Red 1) and Junction City...this is where my family was living when I left to join the Air Force.

The drive from Kansas City to Denver is like no other...FLAT! But once you hit Denver is the most beautiful drive in the whole USA.

We we up in the was freezing up there.

We kept the altimeter out the whole day. Can you believe we went over 11,000 feet that day.

The kids enjoyed watching some river rafters in Glenwood Canyon. They want to go rafting so maybe here in California...there is a place about an hour away from our new home.

What fun. We really enjoyed this. Steve and I have done this drive once before when moving from Keesler AFB, Mississippi to Fairchild AFB, Washington. Something we have never forgotten and now our kids have done it too.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

San Francisco (Fog City)

Holy cow...we live only 75 minutes from San Francisco. When it's sunny and 98 degrees in Sacramento it's foggy and high of 61 in San Francisco. The pacific ocean currant comes from the north by Alaska...mix that cold water with a breeze coming off it and the hot California temps that makes the fog hense Fog City. I lived in California for one year as a child down near the Monteray Bay in Salinas...Ft. Ord which is now closed. My family came to San Francisco a few times and I loved it. Then when I was in the Air Force stationed in Japan flying in the Medical Evacuation Squardron I would come here. Every other week we had retro missions where we would work the flight Japan to Hawaii and then ACM to Travis AFB, CA and stay for three days. At those times I would love to rent a car and head to San Fran. To get back to Japan we would work and train with reserve units on the flight from CA to Hawaii and then ACM home to Japan...PHEW! That was fun but boy did we work hard for our money!!! Anyways I have always wanted to move back to California and I am so excited to share all the neat things here with my kids now.

We drove of the cliffs west of the Golden Gate.

The kids and Steve and I enjoyed that ride down Lombard St.

We only spent a little time down by the waterfront because it was cold. But I am pretty sure we will be back to see more.

We went to the Rainforrest Cafe and in the gift shop Madi bought one of these cute animals. If forgot what they are called but she has bought a few of these wide-eyed fuzzies this summer.

We have 3 different shipments of all our things and one of them is scheduled to arrive Monday...I can't wait!!!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Google & Stanford

We still don't have our household goods. The house is filled with our blow-up mattress, 4 lawn chairs and my beautiful cherry red washer and dryer set. By Friday my back was screaming to get to a bed. So we picked up the kids from school Friday afternoon, with plans to drive around and tour the cities around the San Francisco Bay. Friday night we stayed in Pleasentan...home to John Madden and some other neat stuff. It has to be the nicest town in all of America...we want to retire there!!!!

We made a stop in Silicon Valley at the Google complex. Very cool!

There are bikes all over the complex and anyone can ride. I guess this is how the workers during the week get around from building to building.

Google is a big terrorist target so lots of "Google" security.

15 miles down the road from Google is Stanford University. Stanford is the most beautiful college campus I have ever seen.

Ben likes Stanford and picked out a shirt.

Hmmm...I wonder which one of these on the schedule we might get to go to? We had such a fun weekend!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little League World Series And Cousins

For years now Madi's favorite Wii game has been Little League World Series. We have always gone to the Georgia games. But now down in Warner Robbins is Southeast World Series stadium. So you know this family had to go get a glimpse while we were down in Georgia. One summer we want to get to Willamsport to watch but for now this was GREAT!

We watched Georgia (Warner Robbins this year) play Tennessee...Georgia won because they are in Williamsport now. See Ben and Madi down on the front row.

Steve's family all gathered for a fun night out at dinner. Nana, all the cousins and Great Grandma.

These cousins are the best of friends. They have so much fun together. We are going to miss living close to them.

Madi loves the girl cousins but she wants to marry her cousin Hunter. Hunter took the kids for a ride around the block in his car. Madi always tells her friends about her cousin Hunter and how cute he is...did you know he is cuter then Troy from High School Musical?

Sunday, August 14, 2011


We are cracking ourselves up at what we have put ourselves through the last 2 weeks...Leaving Korea, flying from Seoul, getting to Atlanta...we had lots of things in storage that the Air Force had to pick up and ship to California. As soon as the movers we done we hit the road. We saw so many things on our NEVER-ENDING drive from Atlanta to Sacramento...OMGosh was it long....I have lots of pics I will put on here later. We have had the keys to our new home for a couple of days and love every minute in there. It's so big and beautiful but we have nothing to put in it yet and won't for a long time. It takes 8-12 weeks for our for our things from Korea to get here. We have picked out paint colors...that is SOOOOOO hard for me to do. We move into the house tomorrow. There is a TV with lots of chanels and internet and 1 blow-up mattress. Anyways I am so tired but excited...I think that is why I haven't been sleeping well but had to show off my 3 favorite rooms in the house. The house was a foreclosure we bought and are thrilled at the nice condition it's in...looks so new. The kitchen is killer! I can't wait to get some pots and pans so I can cook in there.

My laudry room....RED & AQUA!

This house is really big...4 bedrooms, playroom and and office. Steve took the office, AKA The Georgia Room...we all LOVE IT!!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back In the USA!

We are in The Mile High City tonight...Denver, Colorado. My body doesn't know how to feel. We made the 14 1/2 hour flight from Seoul, Korea to Atlanta, Georgia. Steve's mom picked us up at the airport and then she helped us out for a few days in Georgia and we also got spend a short time with the Harmon side of the family...always a fun time. Then we hit the road heading West for California. OMGosh is it LONG!!!!! That drive from Kansas City to Denver is over 8 hours on nothing. I have the best kids in the world to be doing so well with all of this...they haven't complained at all. Ben was afraid of driving through Kansas at first because of tornados. Yesterday we took the kids to Scott AFB, IL so they could see where they were born. That base hasn't changed. Both kids enjoyed seeing the St. Louis Arch. They were surprised how big it was. They have both been there before but don't remember of course. Ben had just turned 2 and Madi was 8 weeks old when we moved from there to Germany. Tomorrow is exciting to think about...we are driving right through the Rocky Mountains.