Sunday, August 28, 2011

Driving through Kansas and Colorado

What a summer. There is nothing like driving across the whole United States Of America! Check out the field of sunflowers in Kansas. Ha...something funny about Kansas was that Ben was afraid of driving across it. He didn't want to run into a tornado.

We drove right past Ft. Riley(home of the Big Red 1) and Junction City...this is where my family was living when I left to join the Air Force.

The drive from Kansas City to Denver is like no other...FLAT! But once you hit Denver is the most beautiful drive in the whole USA.

We we up in the was freezing up there.

We kept the altimeter out the whole day. Can you believe we went over 11,000 feet that day.

The kids enjoyed watching some river rafters in Glenwood Canyon. They want to go rafting so maybe here in California...there is a place about an hour away from our new home.

What fun. We really enjoyed this. Steve and I have done this drive once before when moving from Keesler AFB, Mississippi to Fairchild AFB, Washington. Something we have never forgotten and now our kids have done it too.


Betty said...

So glad to see post from you. My Dad always said that the best way to travel is by driving in this way you won't miss anything. TOday I got a hari cut at the DHL and I thought a lot about you. HOpe you guys are getting settle!

Andy's Bethy said...

I just stumbled upon you from a link on a friend's blog. I had to comment simply because of all the "links" we share. I am assuming that being in Sacramento you are at Beale? That was our first post. I married a GA native, have been a military wife for 10 years now, and grew up all over the country myself. Just made me laugh. Enjoy the new place, once the household goods finally arrive!