Friday, September 2, 2011

Good Shopping

I am loving the Sacramento Valley! We are surrounded by mountains. Not like Salt Lake City, the Sierra Nevada are about 30 minutes away but we can see them. The valley is miles of farms and here at my house there are orchards all around us. California has the most and best locally grown food of anywhere I have lived. I think I stop some where every other day to buy something...corn, cherries, watermelon...

Our favorite fresh California snacks.

A tip: on a nice quiet night brown hamburger and divide up into freezer bags. This makes cooking dinner on those hectic nights a little easier.

Maybe I am wierd but I LOVE stocking up. I hit the caselot sale the other day. These Wisk are normally $12-$13...this day they were $9.99 with $6.00 off coupons so they came to $3.99. I bought over a years supply of laundy soap.

The best thing about living overseas is that when you move back to the United States it's so fun to go shopping for the normal stuff. I had a blast at Bath and Body Works picking out some new fall soaps.

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Jenny Woolf said...

I was raised in a military family and I remember that cool feeling of coming home and buying "normal" stuff! in my case, normal comics and sweeties. (My family is English but I am sure the feeling is the same)