Sunday, September 11, 2011

Home Is Where The Air Force Sends Us

For years I have been looking for a way to display all the many places the Air Force has sent us. Here is my new mantel...I am in LOVE. I had a subway art made with a list of all the Air Force bases and Army posts we have been sent to. sweetwater is who made this treasure.

Home Is Where The Air Force Sends Us:

1. Lackland AFB...we were both stationed here for almost 3 years.

2. Sheppard AFB, TX

3. Incirlik AB, Turkey

4. Yokota AB, Japan

5. Osan AB, Korea

6. McConnell AFB, KS

7. Keesler AFB, MS

8. Hill AFB, UT

9. Fairchild AFB, WA

10. Keesler AFB, MS...we were here twice

11.Scott AFB, IL

12.Rhein Main AB, Germany

13. Wiesbaden AAF, Germany

14.Ft. McPherson, GA

15.USAG Yongsan, Korea

16. Beale AFB, CA

Steve's deployments to Afghanistan and his three tours in Iraq were added to this too.

I think now that we are in California this may be our last base, but you never know. And to think all these homes are all in our adult lives....we both moved at least this many places in our childhood too.


Amber M. said... Love it!

Jen said...

I love it! I want one! guys have been to more places that we have...of course we are the boomerang Air Force family and have been to several duty stations twice.

Every Day Gourmet said...

How did you make it? I also love it!

Silvia John said...

Air force bases by state is really important for a country. Since it is the only possible way that an enemy can attack for the most of the time. So it is important fro a country to have a strong sir force bases and also air force to prevent those incidents.