Friday, September 9, 2011

The Lawn Mower

Steve went to the store to buy a much needed new lawn mower. He got home and was all smiley...I was like what's going on. He brought home a new hoop instead of a mower...crazy guy. My yard doesn't look to hot but I have some happy kids and a happy husband.

Check out that beautiful California sky. We have been here just shy of 1 month and it has looked like this everyday. Today it's 101 degrees, thank goodness it cools down 40-50 degrees overnight. I am loving this California weather!!!


Anonymous said...

Wish we had known. We gave two away about 3 months ago. One had only been used one time!!!!
Aunt O

Amber M. said...

That's why you gotta WRITE THEM A LIST. Then you have proof that a basketball hoop was NOT on the list! Hilarious. I bet the hoop will brings much more joy than a dumb lawnmower...