Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Google & Stanford

We still don't have our household goods. The house is filled with our blow-up mattress, 4 lawn chairs and my beautiful cherry red washer and dryer set. By Friday my back was screaming to get to a bed. So we picked up the kids from school Friday afternoon, with plans to drive around and tour the cities around the San Francisco Bay. Friday night we stayed in Pleasentan...home to John Madden and some other neat stuff. It has to be the nicest town in all of America...we want to retire there!!!!

We made a stop in Silicon Valley at the Google complex. Very cool!

There are bikes all over the complex and anyone can ride. I guess this is how the workers during the week get around from building to building.

Google is a big terrorist target so lots of "Google" security.

15 miles down the road from Google is Stanford University. Stanford is the most beautiful college campus I have ever seen.

Ben likes Stanford and picked out a shirt.

Hmmm...I wonder which one of these on the schedule we might get to go to? We had such a fun weekend!!!!!!

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Every Day Gourmet said...

All ready off on new adventures! I love it! Hope you get your stuff soon. My friends are all addicted to the Korean sugar you sent us!