Thursday, August 18, 2011

Little League World Series And Cousins

For years now Madi's favorite Wii game has been Little League World Series. We have always gone to the Georgia games. But now down in Warner Robbins is Southeast World Series stadium. So you know this family had to go get a glimpse while we were down in Georgia. One summer we want to get to Willamsport to watch but for now this was GREAT!

We watched Georgia (Warner Robbins this year) play Tennessee...Georgia won because they are in Williamsport now. See Ben and Madi down on the front row.

Steve's family all gathered for a fun night out at dinner. Nana, all the cousins and Great Grandma.

These cousins are the best of friends. They have so much fun together. We are going to miss living close to them.

Madi loves the girl cousins but she wants to marry her cousin Hunter. Hunter took the kids for a ride around the block in his car. Madi always tells her friends about her cousin Hunter and how cute he is...did you know he is cuter then Troy from High School Musical?

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Jen said...

You were there? This year?! Just the other day?! were like 2 miles from me if you were at that complex! Some of the players go to/went to my boy's school here. Go Georgia!!