Sunday, March 28, 2010


This cute Easter treat was an idea I found over at eighteen25. I just finished making a dozen of them to hand out but need to get some more peeps to make some more.

Yesterday was opening day for Madi's softball league. She lucked out and got what she wanted...she was placed on the purple team and was also given the #11 that she wanted. Madi had and RBI and a hit and score. Her team won 14 to 1!
I can't believe Madi even played her game. On Firday night she threw-up 6 times. As if that's not hard enough she has diabetes. So after puking she had to eat sugar pills and crackers to keep her blood sugar high enough. She is such a trooper! She ended up getting some keytones in her urine so we were trying to cope with that too. Last night she ended up having quite a few keytones and we thought we might end up in the hospital but her Pediatric Endocrinologist talked us through stuff on the phone to avoid that unless it became worse. Steve went to the gas station last night at 9pm and picked up like 5 candy bars and skittles for Madi to try to eat. She needed to eat enough carbs to get an insulin shot...that is what the Dr. told us would help. So all 4 of us were up late sharing with Madi and taste testing all the different kinds of skittles and sugar babies...what a night. Today no keytones and she has eaten some and is almost back to being her normal self.


luverlie said...

Really, so much better than putting a whole package of peeps in the basket. And with all the cute boxes and containers that the die cut machines now offer, the easter baskets on blogland this year should be gorgeous!
Can't wait to see yours!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Soooo cute! Cherry

Blueberry Heart said...

oh how I wish we could get those Peeps in the UK! I recently came across 'Peeps in a Jar' (layered ingredients to make S'mores) whilst surfing, and they looked sooo fun!
Hope Madi is well again now,

Happy Easter wishes to you all,
BH x

Kansas Amy said...

Love the peeps!

Sandra said...

I love all your vintage looking cute!

Burlap Luxe said...

Sooo! Creative... and wonderful presentation with using the peeps!!

I will be back to snoop around, I love your adorable site.