Monday, March 15, 2010


EPCOT has been our favorite Disney Park. Soarin is our FAVORITE ride!!! But we enjoyed all the neat things you learn about at EPCOT.

Two of my dad's sisters...the twins Brenda and Bonnie both live in Florida....Bonnie in Orlando and Brenda in Cocoa Beach. Brenda was in cousin Chad and his wife are having their 6th baby. We did catch up with My Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Jim and cousin Ruthie. My Uncle Jim does something with Disney so their family gets unlimited access to the Disney Parks. They met us at EPCOT.

Steve of all people LOVED EPCOT. All the neat rides and how you can visit different countries. We ate dinner in Japan. My kids really enjoy all the different oriental foods...if you ask Ben about moving to Korea he will tell you their food is his first reason for wanting to move there.

Ben and Steve tested out the ride Test Track. They said it was good so later they took Madi on it...she loved it too. We stayed until the fireworks and laser light show were legs were so tired after such a long day.


Our Complete Family said...

Say 'Hi' to Mickey from the E's! Looks like you guys are having fun! I can't wait to take B & C this summer and do the Epcot passport thingy with B. That is such a neat park!
Hey, you know my girlfriend Belinda who sent you a msg on the blog saying she went to Enterprise as well, and you guys might know some of the same folks... she's at Disney World this week, too!
You girls might bump into each other, keep your eyes peeled! 'It's A Small World After All'!!!

Everyday Gourmet said...

Fun! We loved Epcot center too. Glad you are having such a great vacation!

Jamie said...

Soarin was my absolute favorite ride in all of Disney! And Epcot's light show at closing was the best in all of Disney in my opinion. I'm glad you had a wonderful time, and it was great seeing you today.