Saturday, March 6, 2010

the reason my kids don't want to move... cousins!!! We have never been stationed so close to family before...Teresa lives in Savannah about 250 miles from Atlanta but she drives it all the time. Nana, Great Grandma, Deedee and Haley came for a visit. Today was the last game this basketball season and Nana really wanted to see one.

Madi's game....stunk. It was so bad that when it was her turn to sit out she wasn't even interested in watching her team...she turned to watch another.

Look at Great Grandma in those new kind of Sketchers with jeans on. I think she is the most fun Great Grandma.

There is Ben #34. We are sad the season is over.

Deedee is such a sweet and playful young lady. She had all three of the younger kids on her back. The kids had a ball playing together. After the games we went out to Mellow Mushroom for dinner and then I went and did some spring shopping. I needed a nice relaxing day.


Brittany said...

I can relate to them being close to their family and not wanting to move! But, what an adventure awaits them living in another country! Not many people can say they get to do that!

Rambling Girl said...

I am so sorry you all will be far away from family but the kids will experience what a lot of kids don't ...culture of this world.

Ok if I have to drive up that way with my family...let me know when would be a good time...we could make it up that way and meet somewhere for have been such a sweet friend here and it would be a shame that I couldn't meet before you all leave. How long will you live over there?

Our Complete Family said...

This is the closest we've ever lived to family (we're about 3 hrs 45 mins from my Dad's side) so it will be hard for B & C to PCS, too, when our time comes next.
You have done such a good job with B & M though that you will make it fun, they will love it and you will always have each other and God Bless Skyppe!
Love ya Jeni!