Monday, June 8, 2009

still 6 but almost 7

On Wednesday June 10th Madi will be 7 but we celebrated with a party this past Saturday. Nana drove to Atlanta from Savannah again and Aunt Alicia came with the cousins. Madi was so happy.

To no surprise, Madi wanted a soccer party. I found the cutest soccer plates and napkins and they said Go Girl on them...just perfect! Her cake was a bunch of cupcakes that looked like a soccer ball (thanks to Walmart).

Madi got a Dance Dance Revolution Disney style for the wii. It's a hoot watching everyone do this!

Look at the cute little bracelet that came in the mail today. Madi only had one medical alert bracelet that was not holding up to well. So the other night I spent $100 and ordered a few different ones to try. Some of them are $40 each. But this little stylish rubber one was only $3 so I ordered a few...I have a feeling that white lettering will wear off easy. Madi likes it and I can't believe how small and cute they make this stuff. They need to for these little sweeties.


~Sandy~ said...

Great blog!!! I love your header!!! It's nice blog hopping into another GA blog:) We are in Temple GA...Paulding county:)

Our Complete Family said...

Happy, Happy, Happy almost the big number 7 Miss Madi!
Jeni~ looks like the party was a hit! Got your email and owe you one. We had a tornado come through O'Fallon a few hours ago so power has been hit and miss. Always happens when our hubbies are away, right?!? Murphys Law!
Give the almost bday girl some lovin' from us!
xoxo Les

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Almost 7 Madi!! Love that soccer ball cupcake cake!!


Shannon said...

Sounds like a great birthday! Happy almost Birthday!!

Rambling Girl said...

Happy Birthday Madi! I hope you have a great day today! Yep I know when the right time to come over is your day!

So glad you had a great family party! Lots of neat things you received!

Jenni @ nest to keep said...

Hi Jeni~
Happy Birthday (one day late) to Madi! This is such a great age! :) Love the cupcake cake! So cute!