Monday, May 11, 2009

NBA Playoffs and SAGE

Here we are downtown on the CNN deck heading into the game. Remember that tornado that ripped through downtown Atlanta last spring...look at those windows in the Westin still waiting to get fixed correctly.
While Steve was at the ticket window I took this shot of the kids in front of the CNN sign out front.

It was such a good game. The Hawks lost but at least they gave the Cavs a run for their money. The Arena was pumped and full of energy which is so fun. Anytime LeBron James had the ball he would shoot for 3 pts. and make it...and everyone chanted MVP....he is this years NBA MVP. Even though we were rooting for the Hawks we couldn't help being amazed and enjoyed seeing him in action.

This morning while in the car rider line dropping the kids off at school, one of the ladies from the office was waving me down with an envelope. Inside the envelope was this paper and some confetti...Ben got into SAGE...Special Activities in Gifted Education. Plus his teacher called me today to let me know...I am so proud of him.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Way to go Ben....that is such great news!! You must be very proud of him!!

Hope you enjoyed your MOther's Day!!


Our Complete Family said...

Whoo hoo to Ben! Good job buddy! Cute pics of the kiddos and Steve having fun at the bball game!

Anonymous said...

Great job Ben! No surprise to me. Awesome.

Rambling Girl said...

Woohoo Ben! Great job!

Oh sounds like fun was had at the ball game!

Love the CNN sign...VIP KIDS!

hey come check out my stitchery...not as great as yours but practice will make me get better I hope...thanks for all the inspiring you have given me.