Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting ready for tomorrow

Just look at this gotty thing.

Tonight I went out shopping...I told Steve I wanted something new to wear to the kids Christmas parties at school tomorrow.
This thing was $24, then down to $12 and I got it for 75% off that....$3. It's so fake and so fun .

Here is a stitchery I made to put in a gift bag to give to Madi's teacher tomorrow. I like the alphabet fabric.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Now that is some bling at a bargain price!!

Hope you have a good time at the party tomorrow!! Cute teacher gift too....very creative!!


Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love the gift you stitched for Madi's teacher. It's so cute! :)

I hope you have fun at your kids' parties! And have a wonderful weekend! :)

Rambling Girl said...

Love the bling!

Now I so love the please I have asked others but not one will answer my plea...I want to learn how to do stitchery...could you do a tutorial and share what to do. I can cross stitch but much rather do this. It seems like it is faster to do this and I need something that does not consume a lot of time since my 4 yr old is always so busy into things.

Shannon said...

I love that fabric too! You are so good at those!

You can't beat $3.00!!

Kristi said...

Oooh, that's pretty! I like big chunky necklaces these days! And the stitchery is adorable too!

Everyday Gourmet said...

Love it~ It is so fun doing the crafts. I am getting ready for my kids parties too. What a fund day this will be!

Brittany said...

Ok, if we share the same last name, and your husband's name is steve, then he shares the exact same name as my father-in-law! how funny! Love that necklace, btw! I have a big, gaudy cross that I love to wear. It is so fun!