Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Remembering what happened on December 7th

My Aunt Bonnie is so awesome! Every year on December 7th she sends out an email to the WHOLE family that includes treasured family photos of my Grandpa who served in Pearl Harbor and was there on that Day of Infamy. I knew something was up when she didn't send out an email this came today since she was out of town. Here is the email and pictures she sent today.

Mom, Linda, Brenda, Bruce, Ron, and Pam,

Although I was out of town on Pearl Harbor Day this year, I remembered and thought of Dad, who was aboard the U.S.S. West Virginia on Battleship Row when the Japanese attached Dec 7, 1941, bringing the US into WW2.My cousin, Wayne McCain, just sent this June 19, 1940 letter written to family, when Dad was first serving in then Territory of Hawaii at Pearl Harbor.

Wayne says that his mother, Helen McCain (Dad's sister, my Aunt) came across the letter recently. Please note two photos that I have pulled from my photo library that are both referenced in this interesting letter! You will see Dad's office, and also his trip to the beach, as described in detail in this awesome 6-19-40 letter from Dad, to family in Marysville. I hope that you enjoy this as much as I have, and I thank Aunt Helen and cousin Wayne for passing along this letter-a piece of family history chronicled.

Share this with Dad's friends and family, especially the grandchildren, and great-grandchildren! On the 67th anniversary this month, we are all remembering Pearl Harbor and remembering our loving memory of Willard L. Erwin, "Dad", "Gramps"!Love, Bonnie

I just love these you see Diamond Head and Waikiki sure doesn't look like that now! It's now lined with huge hotels. I have been to Hawaii almost 20 times...back in my fly girl days in the Air Force we flew Aerovac missions (medical missions) there every week from Japan! Bet you never thought someone could get tired of going to Hawaii....I did, but now would love to go to take the kids. Steve and I went together for our first anniversary but we haven't been since. Hawaii is so beautiful and I love all the military history there.


Mabry's gamma said...

That is so awesome that your aunt does this, what a nice family tradition.

Merry Christmas,

Shannon said...

How great is that? What a special tradition. When we went to Hawaii a couple of years ago we went to the Pearl Harbor memorial and it was so special. I love all the military history there too.

Darlene said...

What an awesome family tradition!!! Love those pictures!!

Our Complete Family said...

What a great thing that your Aunt keeps those stories fresh in the families minds each year upon the anniversary.
xo, Les

Sandy Toes said...

Wow..what unbelievable pictures...they are just great!
-sandy toes

Shannon said...

About my tree topper-it is 3 really big feathers and about 10-15 smaller feathers. I usually get them 1/2 off at HobLob. And then the red glittery things are actually 2 picks that I spread out and then the green glittery pics. I just stick them in and they stay.

Brittany said...

What a cool piece of history, both us and family!