Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The best tree of all!

On Friday I thought of this cute idea to make Steve some UGA ornies for his tree up in the georgia room. So after I picked the kids up from school I told them about the idea and they picked out the words to use. I stitched them while at the kids gymnastics Friday and then on Saturday I picked up the coolest UGA material to back them with. Yesterday the kids had a ball decorating this for their dad.

Steve's idea to use the helmet as a star.

Yesterday was our 1st real day of no school for this week off. The kids, well really just Madi, wanted to go skating. She has been begging to go ever since hailey's birthday party. Ben would not even try skating before yesterday. He is so glad I made him at least try it. He loves it...can you guess what we are doing again today? :-) Hey we get in for free this week and it's only $2.50 for skates.


Carrie said...

Love the GA tree! I have a GA football player snowman he is my favorite.

Rambling Girl said...

Love the Ga tree! I have a Ga room also....Gotta love those dogs!
Skating looks like fun but it's been years since I did this...I would love to try it again but I better be close to a hospital cause I would probably break something...hehehe...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Amber M. said...

The helmet at the top? Brilliant.

Our Complete Family said...

The tree turned out GREAT! Cute topper, too! I want to see the whole finished tree!

You broke down and started early, hu? So did I!!!

Roller skating is so fun. I got out there with Bryce once over the past year and holy moly I about busted my butt! So funny! Did you skate with them

Love, Les

p.s. I tried your links when I just viewed it and it wouldn't let me go to them...not sure why??? Hope you can get it sorted chicadee!

Shannon said...

What a great idea! That is so cute! I love it (even if it is for Georgia and not our Hogs! :)

Sit A Spell said...

I lived in GA and they are Bulldog CRAZY! My little man brought home the same turkey...he made his a pumpkin. : )

Sit A Spell said...

Question...on the brittle...you do not break up the graham crackers into bits, right? You just lay them flat?


Jo said...

What a fabulous idea ~ how creative!


Jenni @ nest to keep said...

I love the tree, it's just perfect! I bet your husband loves it! :)
I'm glad your kids had fun rollerskating! That is what we are doing this weekend, and everyone is so excited (except me, because I am really bad at it!). But it is fun to watch the kids have at it when I'm done trying!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

Sandy Toes said...

Well, first I love what you did on the fireplace mantel on your header..so cute!
Those ornaments for the tree are just wonderful!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you!
-sandy toes

Sit A Spell said...

Got the stuff to make the brittle last night. I'll make it this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!