Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a spiderweb and a new highrise

I love to make things. I am learning so many new things and I can't believe some of the pretty crafts I have been making. Here is my's one block of the spiderweb pattern. There is NO WAY I would make a spiderweb would take a lifetime. Anyways, I followed these directions.

Okay now about moving. Our apartment here sold and we have to move. I think we may be setting a world family will call 4 different houses home in 13 months by the time we get to California in Aug. We aren't sure yet which place we are moving may be that highrise down the street...I looked at it yesterday. Today our realtor is going to show us some others that are open. I am starting to feel sorry for myself. Craziness I tell ya!


Betty said...

Oh Jeni! I feel your pain, I hate moving so much. At this point of the game just go with the flow and as I told you whatever you guys may need please, let us know. Love all your projects!!! with that candles it looks so pretty

Amber M. said...

Hang in there! That is a lot of moving...but if anyone can do it, you can!!

Everyday Gourmet said...

I am sorry that you have to move. You just got settled and into your routine! Hang in there. August is just around the corner.

autumnesf said...

I just started working on some of those spider web blocks...I have 3 done and its been days. Ugh. But I only want 11 so maybe it wont take until December. Or maybe it will. LOL.

Crazy that you guys are moving again!