Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pots of gold

Here are some little pots of gold (rolos) we made to hand out. The tag is a free download I found over at the crafting chicks.
We are getting ready to move. The apartment we now live in had been for sale for a few years for $1.5 million but Korea is also experiencing a slower economy. The couple who own this apartment....the wife has cancer and they need the money so they dropped the price down to $1 million and it sold in a I keep telling myself in this whole situation I am not the one getting the raw end of the deal. Plus the new apartment we are moving to is a nicer $2 million dollar's beautiful with beautiful grounds. (I still can't believe the U.S. military pays for us to live like this.) It's a community with 13 towers, 3 kids parks, built-in soccer field, basketball hoops, 2 gyms for adults and we got the top floor with a decent view.

Look at this old Korean temple. It's a landmark that they are not allowed to touch so they have to build all around it. This is in the middle of the 13 tower community...too cool.

Outside exercise equipment. I wonder why they don't make stuff like this in the USA?


Shannon said...

Those pots of gold are so cute! I've been looking for something to give Westin's nursery teachers so I might do this! They will just be a few days late. :) Good luck with your move! Can't wait to see your new place.

Betty said...

love the goodies you are so creative!!!
when are you moving? I am glad that it will be a better place. Lucky girl!!!