Saturday, March 19, 2011

We have moved to our 2nd Korean home...

We moved...yes, our third home since August. We have only been in this new place for 2 days and are already feeling at home...side effects of moving too much I guess. This new, and I mean BRAND NEW...we are this first people to live in this absolutely gorgeous, top floor (penthouse) apartment, is the most beautiful home I have ever lived in. Of course it is valued at $2 million American dollars....thankfully the U.S. Air Force flips that bill. After living so high-class, I am worried I won't enjoy my new home in California when I get there.

I am excited over this new kitchen. It comes complete with that HD little flatscreen. The cupboards and counters are so pretty too.

Not sure how, but strawberries are in full-swing here in Korea. This is our 3rd box of these babies in a week.

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Amber M. said...

You have auch a wonderful attitude, Jeni! Your new, new house is beautiful! When are you headed back to the States?