Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kimchi pots

Today was perfect. I met some friends in Itaewon at 9 timo for a delicious Italian lunch. After lunch and cupcakes (we celebrated another friends birthday) my friend Kelley and I decided to walk all the way home. Kelley is so cool. She is the Weather Squadron's Commander's wife and cares so much for all of us ladies in the unit. Plus she is prior Air Force too. Before moving here after just getting married last summer she worked in the White House doing communications for President Obama...see she is really cool. On our walk home we made a detour to the aka Kimchi pot gate. The base we are at has at least like 15 gates and this stop is right outside one of them.

Kelley picked up this pretty green piece of pottery.

Look at these beautiful large kimchi pots. They can be used at a side table or something like that since I won't be using it to make THAT much kimchi. I didn't get a large one...not sure exactly what size I want yet. Any ideas on what decorating purpose it could fill?

I did get these baby kimchi pots. Wouldn't one of these make the cutest sugar bowl!?!

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Betty said...

I am glad you guys had fun. I hate I couldn't be there. Last Monday, I had a false alarm and the doctor asked to take it easy this week with not too much walking in order to make to the week 36 and avoid a premature baby. Who went? and what did you eat?