Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Civil Defense Exercise

Every month here in Korea they have a Civil Defense exercise. Madi was home sick and I was tired that it was a good thing I talked to Steve over lunch and he reminded me...cause when the sirens would have gone off I think it might have scared me to death today.

After North Korea tossed bombs this direction, Thanksgiving week, these civil defense exercises are a little more serious. The sirens sound and all 22 million people living in Seoul come to a stop for a bit. The police are in the roads with gas masks on and ALL the cars come to a skreetching halt.

Not sure what is being said on the roaming loud speaker.

Jets flew overhead and then we watched the helicopters land on Post.

Madi sat on my bed and watched out the window the whole time. They practice at school. Normal school kids have fire drills but Ben and Madi have bomb drills. Madi cracked me up today with all her knowledge on bomb/nuclear safety.

I really love living in Korea....well Seoul that is. It's the military's best kept secret! It's just like Manhatten and the base is Central Park. You can see the base in this picture out our living room window. If you click on the picture to make it big you can see base housing with their red tile roofs.

If you make this picture bigger you can see more housing, the base gym, the lights for the soccer field...isn't it funny.

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Betty said...

Oh Jeni! I wish to speed up my time here in Seoul for all these reasons. Plus now, our savety place to go has been destroyed by a sumani, whre we suppose to go now? Yesterday, I was at the dentis with Delany and I read on a AFN channel about the excersice so I didn't get scared but If I wouldn't be alert of the news I wouldn't panic for sure. GOd will protect us always!!!