Saturday, February 26, 2011

40's and 50's

Since when is 40's and 50's warm and feels like it's Spring Break? When you live in Korea and it's been darn near 0 degrees everyday!!! Of course the year we live in Korea we break 98 year old records for cold weather. I mean we drive around in our car and the temp reads's been crazy!

Here is Madi enjoying our (HOT) 52 degrees. She is standing near some kimchi pots.

It's been over a month since my neighbor Liz and I had been to Osan and since it's Saturday and 50's we went. I scored my favorite...Chanel, with a wallet. I needed a Chanel with their signature chain :-)

This heat wave we are having has put me in a Spring mood and I got this super fun colorful Coach.

Steve was so nice to watch the kids today. Madi's little friend spent the whole day over here. Her family was stationed in Georgia with us so we have known them for years. Madi looks like an orphan because well, Steve takes such good care of the kids and others since he watched our friend all day too, but he does NOT do hair and I was gone shopping with Liz all day. Oh, Liz got a super cute lime green Jimmy Choo and a pretty Prada. What a wonderful day this has been.


Betty said...

Oh Jeni! I am totally in love wiht you new channel, it is exactly what i am looking for. You may need to tell me from where did you buy it. I love the red on the wallet supper cute. Glad that you had a super day, we miss you tonight

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

my husband doesn't do hair either, and it always makes me laugh a little:) I love the coach bag. love love love:)