Sunday, February 13, 2011

You've got mail

Here in Korea we are about 1 day ahead of the United it's almost Valentine's Day here. I have had these pink mailboxes from the dollar section at Target for 2 years and finally I am I giving them for each of the kids teachers and we have 2 for the 2 wonderful nurses that take care of Madi's diabetes needs everyday during her time at school. The "mail" inside are chocolate coconut cookies I made...MMM!

I cross-stitched this primitive Valentine pillow.

When we lived in Germany I collected a few Hummel plates and dolls. These little plates are my favorite but I only set them out as part of my Valentines decor.

The other day the Family Mart across the street was swallowed by flames and we watched the whole thing from our living room window here on the 17th floor. We LOVE living in a Korea...even having kids.


Blueberry Heart said...

those mailboxes are too cute! Love them!
Hope you all have a great Valentines Day

BH x

Betty said...

What a sweet boxes, i am sure they will love it, specially what they have inside. Delany & I made hearts with crayones, she had fun baking them. She made one for Madi & Ben too. I will give them to you tomorrow.

Rita said...

Can you share the recipe for the chocolate coconut cookies? They sound yummy!