Friday, February 18, 2011


That's where I went today. The fabric market at Dongdaemun in Seoul, Korea is the neatest place on earth...for a quilter that is. Take a look at all my new fabric...this one on the right...if you do papercrafts you will notice it's vintage milk bottle caps by Jenny fabric state...LOVE IT! It got 2 yards...maybe an apron and dish towel? Throw me some ideas if one comes to you. At Dongdaemun there is not much measuring...there are thousands and thousands of bolts of fabric and they just roll some out measure against their arm and body what they think is a yard ,make a snip at the top and rip it down the grain. The guy selling this stuff was huge so his arm span was a nice extra large yard...nice!

All the fabric is 3,000 won a yard which is about $2.80. I picked up 2 yards of the pac-man fabric to make something for Ben. The white fabric with the black crowns...I bought 4 yards of it a few weeks ago and wanted's 3,000 won at Dongdaemun or look here at the fatquatershop it's $9.50 plus shipping per thanks I will buy mine here in Korea for much cheaper! Oh and I picked up a fatquater of Japanese fabric with matruska dolls on it.

These are some other cute fabrics I picked up. Won't that orange with the cute skulls and bats make a cute skirt for Madi and I got enough I could make the kids Halloween pillowcases...FUN!

While I was there I stocked up on a few Louis Vuitton ribbons.

Since I always make girly things for Madi when I saw this Tom and Jerry fabric I had to get it too. What else can I make for Ben? And ever since seeing this post by camille I have had houndstooth on the brain, so it totally caught my eye at one of the venders today.

I love Audrey Hepburn so I picked these up to make something out of them. The ribbon was on sale too...3,000 won for 33 yards.

I can't get over this Olivia's so cute.


autumnesf said...

I am so beyond jealous! How I wish I had started quilting when hubs was stationed in Korea. I would have kept him busy with packages!!!!

Jamie said...

I am jealous of your fabric collection! I wish I could have all that fabric, but sadly I can't. Make sure you really stock up before you come back to the states.

Rambling Girl said...

wow lots of fabric and the Oliva one! Lexi loves that book!

Susie said...

Fantastic! A friend of mine here was telling me about the great deals she got when she was over at Osan-- I'm jealous!!

Betty said...

way to go Jenni, you better fill your stock before you move to California!

Angela said...

I was just there and didn't find anything:( I think I might have been in the wrong area....they were only samples and most wouldn't cut any they said it was samplesmonly. Any tips on the right floor to hit for the cotton fabrics you found ? I have been to happy quilt and love it, mostly because they had cotton prints.... If you have a moment I would love any advice.

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Hi love the tom and jerry fabric. May i ask where you got it. Would love 2 yards of it. Please let me know. Thank you.