Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best brownies & free movies

My goodness have I been busy. In this past week we have had 2 dinner parties, a night of Bunco, a brunch with my favorite Weather Wives and then all the my normal doings as's been crazy fun. Last night our realtor hosted a dinner party with her clients...many of them are from the Weather Squadron. We stuffed ourselves with the most delicious Korean food and then enjoyed playing some traditional Korean games...Ben and Madi were pro's because they had learned how to play at school in Korean Culture Class. I chose the world's best brownies to take for dessert.

So now about the movies. Here at USAG Yongsan we have the BEST base movie theater I have ever seen. It has 3 screens inside. They play a movie on each screen 3 times a day...that is 9 movies to choose from everyday of the week. Good movies too...up to date. They played Tangled and Secretariet the weekends they opened in the United States. Our family goes all the time, they are FREE!!! Free for us I guess, but some of you out there who pay taxes may be paying for us. It all started back in 2001 after September 11th, everyone was on lockdown so they opened the theater for everyone free of charge and decided to leave it. We just really get a kick out of going so much.

We bought more Korean rice...50 lbs. It's the BEST EVER! We have started eating like Koreans. When Steve got back from California all he wanted was Korean food after going without. Did anyone out there know Korean food was so good? Most nights of the week my kids ask me to cook Korean food. I will take some pictures and share some recipes.

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Betty said...

the browni looks so yummy, i want a bite.