Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas From Around The World

My favorite thing the military has given to us is the chance to live/travel the world. Steve's mom is still here and together we made this "forest". One tree has my old german ornaments I picked up at a flea market in Germany. The smallest tree shelters the most precious Korean ornaments I got on a fun shopping trip in Insadong, Korea. The big tree has lots of flags from countries we have visited. And I made the ornaments that say New York City, San Francisco, Boston, Paris, Prague...I just love it. Ben and Madi want me to make some that say Atlanta, Philadelphia, Orlando and something else but I don't remember; so I guess I can make a few more. Steve's mom leaves tomorrow. I love the way she cooks for us, cleans up after us, does the laundry for us....we can't wait until she can come back.


Betty said...

very nice Jeni, you should take a close up picture of the korean tree. I haven't have a change to put up ours maybe thsi weekend

Anonymous said...

YOu need to add Columbus or Grove City, Virginia, Maryland, and DC.