Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dinning Room & Cranberry Sauce

Finally, we hung something on the walls in our dinning room. The fact that my mother-in-law is coming for Thanksgiving was the push I needed to get things done. I love the peg rack look and it only cost $12. Now I can even change things out for holidays or seasons, fun!

For my centerpiece I have a small quilt I made with an antique dough bowl I got from a flea market in Germany. I remember the older women I bought it from said it belonged to her mother-in-law. After the Berlin Wall fell the family went over to the Dresden area to clean out the house and bring it all closer to Wiesbaden/Frankfurt. I have my German treasure filled with white pumpkins, crows and one of my stitcheries.

This is my first time ever making my own cranberry sauce. LOVE IT! Not only is it the prettiest thing I've seen jarred but it tastes so good.

Aunt Bonnie's Cranberry Sauce

Wash 3 cups fresh cranberries removing stems

Sir together 2 cups water and 2 cups sugar in deep saucepan

Heat to boiling; boil 5 minutes

Stir in cranberries

Bring to boil and boil rapidly 5 minutes.

Cool and place in jars-refrigerate 8 hours

The other day was my cousin Michelle's birthday. Bonnie sent out these fun throw backs to start the celebration that morning. Here I am with Michelle and our stunning Aunt Bonnie.

This was the same day. We were going to a wedding. This is my cousin Michelle and I with our Great Grandma. Ha I am the one with the hat and purse...oh my. Next I need to make some of my Grandma's mustard pickles!


Betty said...

oh what a sweet memories Jenny! you look so pretty as a little girl!!
Wish to have a close up photo to see if Ben or Madi look like you.

lailani said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love your table decor and thank you for the cranberry recipe. I have a big bag of cranberries and I had not thought of canning some myself - thanks for the tip!

Amanda said...

Hi! I followed over to your blog through a comment on another military spouse blog and Stephanie Howell's before that, ha! I see you just arrived at Beale, we are here too! We live up at Lake Wildwood just outside of Grass Valley, love, love, love it! Welcome to the area, we PCSd here back in Feb. this year from TX. I see we've been to a lot of the same places and I also was active duty once upon a time and that's how I met my husband. :)