Friday, November 18, 2011

Ben 1/112!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew Ben was getting all A's. Almost everyday we look online at both kids graded work that the teacher's are constantly uploading. I also knew most of the A's Ben was getting were like 99% type A's. But I did not know until 2 days ago that Ben was ranked NUMBER ONE of the whole 6th grade. We are so proud.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Thanksgiving. We are handing out these gobbley treats. I loved the M&M's this year with those beautiful fall colors.


Amber M. said...

Way to go, BEN!! I think I have that square label I know what to do with it!

Betty said...

Ben is a wonderful sweet boy, you guys have been so bless with a wonderful kids plus you guys are great parents too!

cynthia said...

WOW! that is an awesome accomplishment...way to go! and i'm loving your hats too!