Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day and College Game Day @ Stanford

Well my boys left, headed west over to the Bay. Tomorrow is the Stanford vs. Oregon game and I believe they are both undefeated at the end of this football season. Should be very excited. Stanford is hosting College Game Day. Steve took our tall painting pole and Georgia everybody look for the boys holding and waving the UGA flag. They are crazy fun aren't they.

Steve ironed the flag. Our house has 20 ft. ceilings so he was able to practice 'the wave of the flag'.

I crocheted myself a hat. I must admit this is seriously addicting. Madi is playing with her girlfriends, the boys headed over to Palo Alto/Stanford, and I am enjoying this Veteran's Day. I now just started myself a black hat and I am watching the UNC/Michigan State basketball's being played on an aircraft freaking awesome is that for those young men on the teams and the navy folks assigned to that ship. I never use to think much about Veteran's Day. I was active duty Air Force for 5 years and in the Air Force Reserves for two years and never during any of that time did I realize how special it was, not just a day off work. Now that I am older and a mom I am so glad about the decisions that I made. Ben and Madi have a pride for their mom and dad....when I was young I never thought about my children and what they would think of me. Never before did I worry about setting a good example for my kids. The time I spent in the Air Force are my glory days and that is how and when I met Steve. I hope my kids make decisions to go places and live a thrilling life. Especially Madi. Girls not just boys can do extraordinary things.
Happy Veteran's Day! And be sure to look for my boys with the UGA flag tomorrow on College Game Day. Now I am going to go work on my black hat and watch the basketball game. Check out the uniforms they are wearing in honor of Veteran's Day....camouflage in the school colors.

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