Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

Our Thanksgiving weekend has come to it's end. We have had such a nice time being all together. We stayed home most of the past 4 days. Thanksgiving dinner with the Squadron was fun. Madi just got the new movie Santa Paws and tonight we all enjoyed watching it together. Over the last 4 days most of my time was spent making this small hexagon quilt. I love these fabrics...I believe it's Figgy Pudding by Basic Grey. I got it last year and never used it until now. I think I am one of those hexagon finatics. I LOVE making them. I love hand quilting.

Our Thanksgiving tablerunner. I saw this on a blog last year and started this tradition too. We each write what we are thankful for that year. This will be one of those things that gets better with time!

The Air Force allowed us to only ship 3,000 pounds of our household goods here to Korea. Since we brought beds, toys, kitchen items and a few pieces of furniture my holiday decorations didn't make it on the ship here. I did bring a Christmas tree and ornaments but as far as anything else...that's it. So instead of moping too much about not being able to decorate the kids and I decided we can make some of our own. Friday night we made cinnamon applesauce ornaments.

Ben and Madi had so much fun...they are begging to make more. I might just let them...look how good Madi's came out.

And Ben's. Of course...a football ornament.

Madi was serious about getting her letter in the mail early. We are always talking about the mail here...things take a bit longer than usual.

What a beautiful surprise Saturday morning...snowflakes. They look beautiful from way up here on the 17th floor!


Betty said...

Love you hexagons, did you make them with the hexagon that we bought at the market? It looks beautiful. Sweet Madi, she really write a letter to Santa. Delany pretty much went right to the point writting just the names of the toys that she wanted, I even ask him, you need to tell him hi and thank you loll

Amber M. said...

Got your card today...Dar.Ling.

I love those cinnamon applesauce ornaments and it has been forever since we've done any. maybe this weekend with the kids...

Rambling Girl said...

Love the smell of cinamon...after seeing your post about those ornaments, I bought some cinamon so Lexi and I can make some.

The view with your tree in the window is beautiful and I am sure those looking up think the same.

How are things going with you all?