Wednesday, November 10, 2010

G20 Summit, the President and Veteran's Day...

There is so much going on in Korea, well Seoul right now. We have streams of police busses lining the streets. Not only is our President coming but there are more than 20 heads of state here for the G20. I have never been near anything like this before. We have been inside the White House before. We have been at a base when the President of the United States has been there. But this is different...more than 20 of the most prosperous countries in the world Presidents' are here at the same time. So LOTS of things going on. Today Steve got to attend some event at the Korean War Memorial that is right next to our house.

Tomorrow he gets to celebrate Veterans Day by going to see the President. It was by invitation only and the kids and I were not invited. The rest of us and the other 22 million people of Seoul are on lockdown. With those 20 presidents in town only a few miles from our house there is security every where...and protest. We don't want to get mixed in the middle of any of that. They have even cancelled all school for security reasons.

The other day a parade without any notice just came down the street. I heard the music from inside our house on the 17th floor and grabbed my camera to get this shot. I am not really sure of the purpose of the parade but some said it's prelude for the G20. This G20 is on the same scale as the Olympics.

I love the view from our house but now look how great it is with all the fall colors. This is out our living room window.

This is out our bedroom window. We can see the Seoul Tower up on the hill and see that big grey building on the left that is the Korean War Memoial Steve was at today.

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