Friday, November 5, 2010


The other day Madi and I went shopping at E-Mart together. Madi LOVES all things Korean and loves to go there. It's her favorite's a lot like Walmart or a Target. We walk everywhere and E-Mart is only a 5 minute walk from our house. Our trees here are still putting on a show and the flowers are still blooming too...look in the middle of the road how pretty.

Every time we go to E-Mart some one is always out front doing bike tricks. Korea is the only East Asian country to celebrate Christmas and they are already getting ready. Look on top of E-Mart...there are angles and other Christmas decor...I can't wait...I hear Seoul is very pretty at Christmas.

Of course Madi had to stop and look in the toys. Ha...Easy Bake Oven Korean style...isn't that the cutest!

We also cruised through puzzles and books. Madi squealed when she saw NO DAVID in Korean...she fell in love with that book when she was in Kindergaten. We already emailed this pic to Mrs. Fletcher her Kindergarten teacher back in Georgia to show her.

These are the kids favorite snacks from E-Mart. The cookies in the pink...last March when we were in Orlando and at Epcot,, we knew we would be moving to Korea so in the Asian area of Epcot Ben and Madi had bought these same cookies there. So when they see them here they freak over there favorite cookies from Epcot even though they are really from here.

These are our favorite Korean drinks but these I get at the commissary. Ben loves the apple latte' and the aloe drink and Steve really likes ginsing.

Madi likes playing with play won...korean dollars. She bought it at E-Mart.

This is the food I got for dinner. My friend Somin who is Korean had me over for lunch last week and made this. I knew my family would love it.

I was right...they did. It was so good.


the dahle family said...

So fun for your kids to be living there at an age where they can really enjoy and remember the unique things about the Korean culture. Your dinner reminds me of Japanese tonkatsu.

Rambling Girl said...

Oh how neat all this you are sharing....I love seeing what all the kids love...the Easy Bake is adorable nothing like our box.
Oh No I can't believe it...the Book No, David, NO...I did a project for one of my childrens literature classes at Mercer. Lexi was sitting here while I was looking at your blog and saw the book also...she told me what it was. I would love to have a copy, if I sent you the money would you mind getting one for me. She loves books and this is also one of her first childrens book read this year. It would be a great show and tell book to share with her class. Please let me know if you don't mind?

Thanks Beth

Betty said...

I didn't realize that Emark was so close from your appartament, when I took the subway it seem a little far from where I live. What kind of food did you buy? Hey did you see korean ornaments? I would like to get one.