Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Thanksgiving already here in Korea.

Ben got the award for being on the Principle's Honor Roll. He got all A's.
Knowing we are going to be moving to Northern California and the Giants are the World Champs he now sports a Buster Posey jersey...something other than a Georgia team, wow.

It's 0800 Thanksgiving morning here in Korea. This morning Steve is going to go play football with the Weather Squadron. And for Thanksgiving dinner all the weather people and their families are gathering at the squadron to celebrate and eat together. Last night when Steve walked in the door from work Madi and I were breaking the bread for our homemade stuffing. Steve joined in.
Korea: After N. Korea attacked S. Korea on Tuesday things got tense. Thankfully nothing has escalated since. Of course the S. Korean army and our military are on edge. We live 45 miles from the N. Korean border, so of course I was worried. When we moved here our family was issued gas masks we keep here at home as a precaution. But yesterday life went on as usual. All the military folks fall under Genral Order #1 this long holiday weekend...NO ALCOHOL. Everyone needs to be very alert. We don't drink anyway but for some this has changed their holiday plans.
We are going to miss having Thanksgiving with Steve's family this year. Every year we were stationed in Georgia we would eat and enjoy the day with his family. We got use to that. I am thankful to at least be together with Steve and the kids.
Happy Thanksgiving!


Denise said...

Praying for you all especially after hearing of the attack. I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing.

Rambling Girl said...

Woot Woot to Ben! Great job and yes I am sure you are a proud mom!

I was thinking about you all yesterday morning when I saw the news...thankful you are all ok and nothing else has happened. I am praying for you all and the rest of the military families!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had to do my check on the turkey and all ready and just put the ham in the oven so back to bed before the big day begins!

Saw those treats you made and those are too cute! Oh gosh, I have made the blob before too...hehehe

Jamie said...

I have been thinking and praying for you and your family since I heard the news about North Korea. Thankfully things are relatively calm. Please keep us posted so we don't worry too much.

Congrats to Ben! And have a great Thanksgiving!

Camasthecat said...

I went on Ben's blog a long time ago, and came back. I like it, but he should post more. :)

Betty said...

Way to go Ben!, jenni you may be so proud of him!

Anonymous said...

Some good looking males in those photos. The big one and the little one. Have a great Thanksgiving.