Saturday, November 20, 2010

Korea: Cookin' NANTA Preview

I went to see Nanta. Nanta is like a broadway show. The best way to describe it is it's Stomp meets kitchen. It was neat to watch the talented people perform. I went with friends but I would like to take my family because I think they would be in awe at the show.


Anonymous said...

This is very similar to
Blue Man Group!!!!
Your family would love it here in the USA! We just saw it in Sept. in Las Vegas. My second favorite show from the strip. They end their act with a toliet paper skit that you would love.

Charlotteღ said...

I so love reading about KoreaOur son was there in 2007 for a yearHe now is in the States.He is not a picture taker so looking at your pictures let's me see what he saw:)
Thank you