Monday, November 1, 2010

A Clone Trooper and a Purple Crayon

We went trick or treating on base in the US Embassy housing. All the US Embassy families here in Korea live on base...there are hundreds of them. They welcomed all the kids from off-post housing to come trick or treating. It was a nice night with thousands...more kids than I have ever seen roaming the streets on Halloween. It was fun! Dorothy and Indiana Jones are Madi's friends. They are on her soccer team and their dad is the coach and I think it's cool that he works for Nike.

Today Madi is home sick. She woke up with a really stuffy nose. She is so fun and crazy. She read something on the Cheetos bag about how many puffs long is your arm...hers is 8.

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Rambling Girl said...

Awhh how cute they all are! I am glad they still get to celebrate the typical kids holidays in Korea. I am sure they will benefit from many wonderful educational outings in Korea. What a dream for your children. Ok I got off the subject of what you were blogging about...sorry Madi is feeling not well.

So do the friends they have in Korea heard of silly banz or any other new things that the Us has and they don't have there. Zhu Zhu Pets is the big thing now for Lexi...