Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

Let the games begin! We are all decked out for Christmas and I love how fun our Korean apartment is this time of year. Here is a picture of our living room...filled mostly with Army furniture but doesn't it look pretty anyway?

I think this picture is so neat with our Christmas decorations and a view of the city out the window. Hanging on the window is a Christmas countdown I made from a kit I got over at sweetwater. The bags are filled with treats for the kids for each December day. I love traditions so making these was very enjoyable knowing we will be using them year after year.

Ben is such a serious kid that anytime he wants a funny picture taken I have to take it. He is such a good boy.

Also for December fun I made my own December Daily. ali edwards does this every year. I had done it two years ago and was excited to try it again. There is a page to paste a picture and short story for each day in December.

Here are a few peeks of my pages just waiting to get filled in...very simple this year. I am ready!

Happy December!


Anonymous said...

Wow looks great. I have not even started decorating yet. And, probably won't for a couple of weeks. ON

Amanda said...

I love that picture with the city in the background too. I love the images that show the contrast between cultures.

Betty said...

You haven't missed any time, way to go girlfriend!
Your living room looks beautiful because is full with all the LOVE that you give to your family ;0)

Jordon said...

Hey Jeni! Just popping in and wanted to let you know that I completely STOLE your candy stick idea! I didn't have time to get the tags but what I did was take shimmer-y black scrapbook paper and cut it ~ 2.5x3 inch rectangles. Then I used the Martha Stewart Fringe scissors to cut up to about 2" in each rectangle, wrapped it around the bottom of the candy stick and then tied a ribbon around the middle. It made the cutest "broomstick"! It was adorable! I hope to share it on my blog next year and will share your link as well! We should think about doing some blog networking together (although mine is suffering in light of an impending move)!

Shannon said...

Your decorations look great! I love your tree and the garland in the window. You have amazing views!

Ross and Jill's Blog said...

I looked this up after you mentioned it on my blog. I love the idea. Just need to prepare for it in advance for next year, i guess!