Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan

Turn it UP! I never am one to curse, but when it comes to Michigan well one can't help it. I have even taught my own kids to also! No I never went to Ohio State but I was born in Columbus, Ohio and remember I have roots in this marching band. you can read here about my Drum Major Grandpa. I am so thankful to still have grandparents still alive and that Ben and Madi know who their Great Grandparents are. We are a very lucky family because on Steve's side of the family we have Great Grandparents alive too. My Buckeye Grandpa just turned 84 the other day. I love the choices he made in his life that brought the love of music, college spirit and sports to all the generations in our family. One of these days I am taking Ben and Madi to an OSU vs. Michigan game. I have wonderful memories staying up late at my Grandma Moseley's house watching Ohio State basketball...she use to yell at the tv. Anyways I have been thinking of all of my grandparents a lot and the bowl games are about to begin....the Bucks made it to the Sugar Bowl this year. I hope they get to the Rose Bowl while we live in California and if they do I am going. Good luck to the Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl!!!


Shannon said...

I have to say it-Go Hogs! :) we are so excited to be in the Sugar Bowl. It should be a great game!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish Grandpa Bev could read your blog pages....he would love it.
I know I do. ON

Betty said...

You know what Jenny! I didn't grow up with this but Steve's family did and all yell to the TV as well. Love the energy and as you, we hope to take Delany to one of those games.