Friday, December 31, 2010


2010 has been an unbelieveable type year. I look at this mosaic of some of the crafts I was able to have fun making this year and can't believe how I found the time to do them all. For one moving to Korea was a HUGE move...we spent 3 months in limbo without any of our belongings, let alone all the preparation to get here. We have been on the road alot this year too. Our family did so many fun things and traveled to so many fun places(I want to do a mosaic of our travels in 2010) . We have been to every major city in the United States on the East coast from Miami up to Boston and loved them all.
2011 should be much of the same. We have lots of neat things to see and do here in Korea before we move to California in August. When we get back to the USA we have lots of travel plans that we are excited about. It's going to be hard going without all our stuff again when the packers come...but they just delivered all this to us in September and should be back in June to pack it up again, so living with nothing but a suitcase is actually fresh in our minds.
As far as my word for the year for 2011, it is BETTER. Since I will be doing another move back overseas and I want to do lots more crafts and things for myself and my family just like last year...for 2011 I want to do everything BETTER this time around. I think I am really good at a lot of things but want to get BETTER at them all. Steve and I made 2010 great but 2011 is going to be BETTER!

Happy New Year!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog! This is the first time I have made a comment. I live in Madison GA about 30 miles west of Athens and we are big Ga Bulldog fans as well. In fact my oldest son is a Sr. at Georgia. I love looking at your crafts involving stitching so much that I am thinking about tackling a project. Thanks for being so inspiring!
Mindy McHugh

Amber M. said...

Jeni. So many beautiful things you did in 2010! I know your positive attitude and flexibility (it IS the key to airpower,after all) have inspired me this year.

Not sure what my word for 2011 will be. Thinking...thinking...

You have a thank you note coming, but wanted to say I LOVED your gift! I actually laughed and squealed.

Our Complete Family said...

Oooh you had a great crafting year, Jeni! So fun to see all of your creations in this collage. I like your word for 2011. I'm still thinking about mine... I'd better hurry as 2011 is only hours away here on the East coast! ;) Merry 2011 Harmons... xo

Betty said...

I love your good spirit of travel. I am sure 2011 will be great fro you guys just for the way that you are saying. TO be positive about it is all that it matters. Love the moisac of your pictures, How did you do it? Can't wait to see that one for your travel before you got here. You are a great friend to be with Jenni :0)