Sunday, August 17, 2008

2008 UGA picture day

Yesterday Aug. 16th was the University of Georgia's annual picture day. It's FREE. You can get into the stadium for Free. You can get anything you want signed by any player of any sport for FREE. Even the coach's. All you have to do is stand in line for hours and hours. We did it last year and wouldn't have missed for the world again this year.

Our first stop was the Women's soccer team...WHOA MADI!!! The girls were so nice to Madi talking to her about playing soccer and signed a poster for her. Ben was right there and they signed one for him too but when they tried to give it to him he told them he didn't want it! I instantly explained he only liked boys stuff and they quickly replied with how they completely understood. Thank goodness no offense was taken on their part...they thought it was funny.

While Ben and I were standing in the wide receiver's line for 1 1/2 hours he would go walk around snapping pictures. He took this one of Hairy dog mixed in the crowd.

Ben and the Offensive line.
Here is Ben with the new wide receiver AJ Green. He is a freshman and all the fans have high expectations for this one. He was one of the "hot" ones to get an autograph from. This was his first day in a Georgia there were not pictures of him in a UGA uniform to get him to sign. Steve cracks me up! He got this guys picture from High School, an 8x10, really nice. His old school colors were yellow and green, so Steve and I went shopping together the other day specifically to get a yellow marker for this guy to sign the yellow and green picture. Well it was Ben and I who went through the wide receiver line. When I pulled out this guys High School picture with the yellow marker the whole line of wide receivers started hootin and hollerin! He was the special boy. It was so funny. Now I know why Steve made me do it.

This guy is EVERYWHERE. He is at every single UGA sporting event. What a nice guy to take a picture with anyone who asks and that's got to be thousands...he's an icon. Every year Ben and Madi get their picture with him.

The cheerleaders are so nice to all the little girls...they wanted a picture with Ben but he wouldn't do it.

Ben and Madi played with their new footballs.

Happy people after getting some cool Georgia football memorabilia...signed.


Our Complete Family said...

Love the 'Happy People' photo! So glad you guys got to go again this year. What special memories you're making for your babes! Go Bulldogs!!! xo

Oliver's said...

I just found your blog and I love the way you spelled out your name and framed it in your header. How did you do that? Smiles Paula

Shannon said...

What a fun thing to do! But I must say, "Go Hogs!" :) (Sorry, I just had to do it) ha!

cynthia said...

found you over at the nester...i guess "at home in georgia" sort of stuck out, i'm here too! BUT then i noticed that you sell things at the Plum Tree and that little store in less than a mile from me too!
what a small world!

and even if you are GA Bulldog fans i won't hold it against you (GO TECH)! maybe...!

come visit me at my blog!

Alyce said...

What you ever see any celebrities there? I know the Deen bros love UGA.

Alyce said...

hi again..Yes..I have been the their restaurant..also to Uncle Bubba's..a few times. I love it there. That is where we vacation. I have all the cookbooks too. Hers, Bubbas and the boys.. When they come out..I get them. I even have the calendar!

Nikki said...

Roll Tide! Sorry, I couldn't resist.